Suffered victory for Atlético against Sevilla to continue dreaming

With suffering, asking for the time and again in inferiority, this time because the Turkish Soyuncu sent himself off as soon as he came on stage, Atlético beat Sevilla thanks to a goal from Marcos Llorente at the beginning of the second half and still closes the year with dreams of greatness just as he celebrates 12 years since Simeone landed.

After the setbacks suffered in San Mamés and at home against Getafe, Cholo’s team was able to rest for almost four days and offered better sensations until the Ottomanian was sent off with more than 20 minutes left. From there, Simeone resorted to Atlético’s old weapons, which managed to keep a clean sheet, left a huge Llorente ahead and closed the year tied with Barça, seven points behind Real Madrid and Girona. The League is very far away, but there is one.

Last duel of the year in First Division, although the match should have been played in September and was postponed due to a threat of a flood that later was not such, and a great atmosphere in the Metropolitano, which was almost full during the after-dinner meal on Christmas Eve and looked colorful with thousands of Christmas hats. The date, however, had little of it as festive, since it was key for both of them. The colchoneros started ten points behind Real Madrid and Girona and the people of Seville are still close to hell despite their balmy victory in Granada, coinciding with Quique’s debut.


Oblak, Molina (Llorente, min. 46), Witsel, Giménez, Azpilicueta, Riquelme (Correa, min. 46), Koke (Soyuncu, min. 66), De Paul, Lino, Griezmann (Reinildo, min. 72) and Morata (Saúl, min. 55).




Dimitrovic, Juanlu, Gudelj, Sergio Ramos, Kike Salas, Pedrosa (Januzaj, 82 mins), Soumare, Oliver Torres (Rafa Mir, 78 mins), Rakitic (Sow, 53 mins), Suso (En-Nesyri, mins). . 53) and Ocampos.

Goal: 1-0: min. 46, Llorente.

Referee: Soto Grado (Riojano Committee). He sent off Soyuncu (min. 70). Yellow for Molina, Giménez, Suso, Kike Salas, Correa, Witsel, Sergio Ramos, De Paul, Azpilicueta and Llorente.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the fourth day of the League, postponed in September due to rain in Madrid. Strain. in the preludes between the radicals of both teams.

Two opposite approaches, Cholo’s very offensive at first, who placed Griezmann closer to Morata and introduced Lino as an interior player, with Riquelme as a left back. Behind, Azpilicueta and Giménez in place of the absent Savic, injured, and Hermoso, suspended. And Quique’s ultra-conservative, received with an enormous ovation by the Colchonera parish, hostile on the other hand with Sergio Rampos. With up to ten casualties, he also dispensed with En-Nesyri, the reference point forward, and placed Ocampos and Suso as false forwards.

After some initial scare caused by Ocampos, who took Giménez out of his position and headed straight into Oblak’s hands, territorial dominance immediately fell to Atlético in the first act. The locals persevered, with four shots from Griezmann without success, constant driving from De Paul, the best on the pitch in that period, and a lot of ball for Lino and Riquelme.

But beyond a huge chance from Morata, after making the one-two with the Argentine midfielder, which Dimitrovic aborted on his way out, Simeone’s team did not translate its high block and excellent pressure after loss into great opportunities. He had five corner kicks in just half an hour, but Ramos and Gudelj were in charge there. More noise than nothing, wow.

High voltage

Cholo demanded a permanent high pace and made two changes already at half-time. Nahuel and Riquelme, the two wingers, out, Llorente and Correa in. More offensive wood. Prize in the first minute. Great change of play from Koke towards Llorente, whose quick center was poorly cleared by Ramos and finished off by Marcos himself, who came in like a motorcycle. Reach out and kiss the saint for Atlético’s all-purpose team.

Sevilla had no choice but to change the record and that is why Quique immediately introduced En-Nesyri and also Saw. The people from Seville advanced their lines to try to disorganize Atlético, as Getafe recently did. The fact that Simeone soon retired Morata to bet on Saúl’s muscle, not finesse, showed that it was already another game.

In a quick counterattack, Ocampos finally made Oblak shine. Sevilla woke up and the people of Madrid began to play with fire. Barring injury, a strange move by Cholo when he dispensed with Koke and opted for Soyuncu, a center back, moving Witsel to the axis of the midfield.

It happened that the errant Turk, who already committed a childish penalty in San Mamés, lasted four minutes on the field because he was sent off, at the request of the VAR, after a harsh tackle from behind, with his studs on the Achilles tendon, similar to that of Nacho to Samu in Mendizorroza.

Already with one less, Simeone pulled Reinildo, who returned after ten months, and retired Griezmann, who left with a surprised face. 20 minutes plus discount was a lot for a lock. Opportunity for Rafa Mir, two ‘9’ in Sevilla. The tireless Llorente made a great counterattack, but Dimitrovic avoided the sentence. Six off, more suffering in the Metropolitano. Oblak did not intervene, especially because at this point Azpilicueta knows everything, but the equalizer was lost. Atlético resisted.

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