Strong and Successful Soria Sports Galas Celebrate 2023 Champions

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Soria sports, year after year, prove to be in magnificent health. This is evident in each of the provincial galas in which the Soriana Sports Press Association, with the collaboration of Caja Rural and the Soria City Council, wants to reward and recognize the achievements achieved by athletes. In the 2023 edition, more than thirty Spanish champions and as many international champions will be distinguished in a wide range of disciplines. A fact that highlights the numerous successes achieved.

The qualifying jury has not had it easy. The resume of the winners led to debate, so it was decided to give the ‘big’ prize to Marta Pérez and Lucas Lorente. Ex aequo awards after an excellent year. The athlete Marta Pérez has achieved two national golds in different distances (3,000 indoor track and Mile), 7th out of 3,000 in the European indoor track, 6th in the World Mile, semi-finalist 1,500 in the Outdoor World Cup and this Sunday she will represent to Spain in the European Cross Country in Brussels. In this way, she will become the first Spaniard in history to compete with her country in indoor, outdoor, road and cross country in the same season. “She is our particular Messi,” says Luis Martínez Mínguez, president of the Association. It will be the sixth title as best athlete for the Soria athlete.

For his part, the young setter Lucas Lorente has just won with his team, Río Duero Soria Volleyball, champion of the Copa del Rey and runner-up in the Super League, in addition to being called up by the absolute national team coach.

Consecrated present and promising future for Marta and Lucas, who will be accompanied on December 14 on the stage of the Palacio de la Audiencia by nearly 80 athletes.

The 2017 Numancia Award for an entire career has gone to the volleyball player Manuel Sevillano, while the Promesa Award, awarded by the Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Soria, will be collected by the duathlete Valeria Moñux Asensio and the Special Sports Award will be given to Lidia Gonzalo Garijo (classical dressage). Likewise, the organization wanted to remember in-memoriam the multidisciplinary athlete Pablo Núñez Jiménez and the photographer Valentín Guisande Sancho.

These awards are fully consolidated, there will be 51 editions, which indicates the prestige of these awards. The gala, which will begin at seven thirty in the afternoon with free admission, will be hosted for the second consecutive year by journalist José Carlos San José and athlete Raquel Álvarez.

Champions of Spain

Marta Pérez Champion of Spain 3,000 m. PC (February, Madrid). Spanish Champion of the Urban Mile (Mayo, Santander). Lucas Lorente Champion of the Copa del Rey Volleyball (Soria, 2023) Pablo Mtnez. Torre Champion of Spain Height PC (February, Madrid). Ashley Abaga Champion of Spain U23 in 60 m. PC (February, Antequera). Ignacio Bernardo Champion of Spain U23 in Height PC (February, Antequera). Sergio Martín Salcedo Champion of Spain Winter Master in 200 breaststroke + Spanish record (February, Castellón). / Champion of Spain Summer Master in 4×100 Freestyle, 200 Breaststroke, 400 Freestyle and 200 Freestyle (Puertollano, CR, July). Nerea Barrena Champion of Spain Winter Master in 200 Medley, 400 Medley and 200 Butterfly (February, Castellón). / Spanish Summer Master Champion in 200 butterfly (Puertollano, CR, July). Adrián Canabal, Cristian Canabal and Óscar Izquierdo (CN Soriano-CAEP) Spanish Summer Master Champions in 4×100 Freestyle. (Puertollano, CR, July).María Piñera Spanish University Cross Country Champion (March, Soria).Juan Alonso Glez. Rodríguez Champion of Spain in Clay Pigeon Shooting, Universal Pit (197/200) 1st Cat. (Mollet del Vallés, BCN, March). Laura Fernández García Champion of Spain in Standard Distance Duathlon in Age Groups 25-29 years (March, Soria).Javier Hernández Calonge Spanish Champion of Sprint distance Duathlon in Age Groups 75-79 years (March, Soria).Sporting Santo Domingo Champion of Spain Men’s Benjamín (June, Valladolid).Hugo Sanz, Ian Antón, Miguel Pérez, Irene Garate and África Gazo (from the Valonsadero Badminton Club) Champions of Spain for Children by Federations with CyL (Talavera de la Reina-Toledo, July). Marina Muñoz Champion of Spain in Cros Triathlon (Almazán, July). Soriano Triathlon Champion of Spain for Cros Elite Women’s Triathlon Teams. (Almazán, July).Soriano Triathlon Champion of Spain Men’s Sub23 Cros Duathlon (Almazán, July). Soriano Triathlon Champion of Spain in Under 23 Men’s Aquathlon (Almazán, July). Enzo Jiménez Champion of Spain Benjamín Golf. Jorge García Champion of Spain 6 Dogs. Javier Ruiz Orte Champion of Spain 8 Dogs. Luis Cabrerizo Champion of Spain and Runner-up of Europe Ball in handEsther Pereira Champion of Spain 2023 senior in women’s doubles (Badminton) Victor Ortega Champion of Spain as coach CyL Children (Badminton). Both Esther Pereira and Victor Ortega were champions of Spain in 2022 in mixed doubles. Víctor Carrasco Gil Champion of Spain in cross duathlon teams (Almazán)


Héctor Díez Severino SILVER at the World International Skate Series Artistic (Trieste, Italy, May). / WORLD CUP CHAMPION (in Argentina, June) / 5th WORLD SKATING CHAMPION (Colombia, September).Marta Pérez (Athletics) 7th 3,000 m. European PC Athletics (Istanbul, March). 7th AL World Semifinal (Budapest, August). 6th World Mile Championship (Riga, October)Daniela Corchón (Bádminton)In the under-17 international (February, Benalmádena, Málaga).Hugo Sanz, Ian Antón, Irene Gárate, África Gazo, Miguel Pérez and Noel Romera (Valonsadero Badminton) In the under-15 international (February, Benalmádena, Málaga). Carmen Carro Bronze in Doubles at the International Under 17 in Ibiza, with the national team. Cristina Puebla, David Hernansanz, Sergio Latorre and Santiago (Club Bádminton Soria) Martínez Senior Badminton World Cup (August, South Korea). They all repeat + José Carlos Pérez in the Nations Cup (Netherlands, June)Daniel Cisneros (Athletics) 60 m. Fences. European PC Athletics (Istanbul, March). Carlos Cortés (Billiards) 46th in Cto. of Europe of 5 Keel Billiards (Antalya, TUR, April).Alfonso Izquierdo 23º Cto. Cross Triathlon World (Ibiza, May). Marina Muñoz 5th Cto. Cross Triathlon World (Ibiza, May).María Barceló BRONZE Cto. Duathlon Cross World (Ibiza, May). Urbión Pelota Club European Runner-up (Íscar-Valladolid, July) Spanish Women’s Team. Sub 19 (CAEP Soria) WEVZA Sub 19 Champion (July, Valladolid). Óscar Acebes SILVER in Pole Vault M45 and BRONZE in Height M45 European Master Athletics (Pescara, September). Elisa Hernández Asensio CHAMPION in Cross W45 and SILVER in 5,000 w45 European Master Athletics (Pescara, September). César Palacios Pérez International with Spain Under 19 (12 games and 7 goals). Fedra Luna 1,500 and 5,000 AL World Cup (Budapest, August). Carlos Díaz 10,000 AL World Cup (Budapest, August). Salomé Afonso 1,500 AL World Cup (Budapest, August). Isaac Nader 12th in the AL World Cup 1,500 Final (Budapest, August). Sergio Martín Salcedo GOLD 200 Freestyle, GOLD 400 Freestyle, SILVER 200 Breaststroke, BRONZE 800 Freestyle… Cto. of Europe Short Course Swimming Master (Madeira-Portugal November). Jorge García 5th 6 dogs Land Mushing World Cup (November, Ólvega) Javier Ruiz Orte BRONZE 8 dogs Land Mushing World Cup (November, Ólvega) Sara Rodríguez 14th Bikejoring . Mushing World Cup on Land (November, Ólvega).

League/Cup Champions

Río Duero Soria Champion of the 48th King’s Cup of Volleyball (February, Soria).Urbión Football Club Champion of Spain of Division of Honor Hand of clubs.Urbión Football Club Champion of the King of Honor Division Individual Hand, with Senar ( March, Pamplona).Moreno Sáez CV Sporting Soria Champion of the First National division, group A, and the whole volleyball category.Sergio Santacruz Champion of the Group VIII Third RFEF League with the Arandina. Player.Nacho Lobera Champions League Group VIII Third RFEF with the Arandina. 2nd coach.Adrián Olalla Champion Men’s Volleyball Superleague (with Guaguas Las Palmas).Langa Provincial Amateur League Male.San Jose B Provincial Amateur League Female.Triathlon Soriano National Triathlon League.


Moreno Sáez Sporting CV Soria A Men’s Superliga 2. Cañada Real Sporting Santo Domingo A First National Women’s Division. Numancia Juvenil AA Honor Division. Women’s Soriano Triathlon A First div. of the National Triathlon League. Men’s Soriano Triathlon A First div. of the National Triathlon League. San José B Femenino A Double G League (2nd Regional CyL) David Sanz A Primera RFEF with TarazonaCA Numancia de Billar A First National 3-Cushion Division


César Palacios Pérez Champion of the Copa del Rey Youth Football and champion of the Youth Champions Cup with Real Madrid (March); Youth DH League Champion. Debut and goal in 1st RFEF.CP Urbión CyL Champion Ball HandJorge García and Javier Ruiz Orte (Mushing) Champions in the Cto. from France (February).Río Duero Soria Organization 48th Volleyball King’s Cup.Alonso Diez Guerrero Esports Coach from Soria. Champion of the Middle East and North Africa League 2023. Champion of the National League of Saudi Arabia and 5th ranked World Cup in Atlanta 2023. Rodrigo Jiménez Debut in Super League with Río Duero Soria, at 17 years, 7 months and 4 daysJaime Pérez Retired after a long career in Soria volleyballMarinho Dos Santos Retired after a long career in the Duero River and in volleyballEdipo Rodríguez Top scorer. ‘Pichichi’ Group VIII Third RFEF.Hugo Martínez Boutefeu Top scorer. ‘Pichichi’ National Youth LeaguePablo Núñez Recio Goalkeeper with the least goals scored. ‘Zamora’. Regional Children’s LeagueJordi Lluelles Miserol Coach BM Soria, 2 play offs, on the way to third, 1 promotion…Club Atletismo Soria 30th anniversaryClub Atletismo Puente del Canto 30th anniversaryPeña Frente Rojillo 25th anniversaryPeña Numancia 2003 20th anniversaryÓscar García Peña First team debut of CD NumanciaZaira Gallardo Bartolomé Call Spain U15 women’s soccerDaniel Berná 3rd on the PGA Tour Circuit Spain GolfJorge García and Javier Ruiz OrteMushing World Organization ÓlvegaValonsadero Badminton First in the U15 National Ranking until DecemberPeña La Curva Soriana 10 years since the recovery of the Rio Duero volleyball clubPablo Núñez Jiménez IN MEMORIAMValentín Guisande Sancho IN MEMORY

Special sport award 2023

Lidia Gonzalo Garijo (Classical Dressage)

Blood Donor Brotherhood Award – Promise 2023

Valeria Moñux Asensio (Duathlon)

Numancia Award 2017 edition 2023

Manuel Sevillano Channels (Volleyball)

Soriano Provincial Sportsman Award 2023

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