Stratospheric Performance of Real Madrid Led by Musa and Hezonja in Victory Over Olympiakos

A stratospheric Call me Musawell supported by his partner Mario Hezonjaled the prestigious triumph of Real Madrid on the court of Olympiakos (71-77)which allows the whites to consolidate their leadership (11-1). In a very rough match in which the defenses prevailed, the Bosnian (23 points with 5/7 triples) and Croatian (18+10) appeared in the decisive moments of the match to tip the balance on the Madrid side.

They were the MVPs of a game in which they went practically unnoticed Tavares (11+3+3+2 caps) and Campazzo (9+9 assists), his two usual pillars. Although both appeared in the last four minutes, with the marker at one point (68-69)to pass sentence with cfour definitive actions that allowed the whites to manufacture a partial 0-6 to secure the victory. The Greeks, who had survived with 17 offensive rebounds and 13 turnovers for Madrid, they tried to desperately come back from the triple, but without success. Only Walkup (17) y Fall (10) They reached ten points on their team, which speaks very well of the white defense.

Good start for Madrid

He Madrid He started the game imposing his inside game. Tavares won the battle Fall in the duel of giants, I’m going added in attack and Campazzo He took his second foul early Canaanbut the whites did not lead on the scoreboard, despite the Greeks’ 0/6 in triples (10-12, min 6). He did stretch his advantage somewhat with the entry of Hezonja and Deckwith specific appearances by Campazzo, Tavares and Llull (15-23, min 8). Larentzakis prevented income from increasing further (19-23, min 10) .

Hezonja led Madrid at the beginning of the second quarter with seven points in a row and a 2+1 the deck It helped him maintain his short income (27-32, min 15)already with Alocén (Chacho, touched, he didn’t even travel) on the court. Olympiakos He remained in the slipstream with triples from Walkup and McKissic despite his poor exterior success (3/14 t3). The Croatian and Llull stretched the difference (29-37, min 18). But Larentzakis and Fall brought the Greeks closer (36-37). They were still alive thanks to their 11 offensive rebounds and 7 losses for Madrid. Of those two variables, they scored 24 of their 36 points in the first half.

Dzanan Musa volcanic eruption

After the break it was Musa who monopolized all the prominence of the party. He scored his team’s first eight points with two three-pointers, but Fall y Canaan they provided the counterpoint for the Olympiakos, who clung to the game from free throws. Seven of his first 12 points of the quarter came from there (48-48, min 26).

It was again Musafully plugged in (scored 14 points in that quarter)who led a new surge with two triples and a basket, being supported by four points from Hezonja (54-61, min 29). A final triple from Canaan brought the locals closer (57-61).

Tavares and Campazzo appear on time

The last act was a brutal exchange of blows. Musa y Hezonja They hit from the triple, but they responded Papanikolaouthe crusher Walkup and the incisors McKissic y Larentzakis (68-69, min 36). Tavares and Campazzowho had tiptoed through the game, appeared in time to lead a final 6-0.

The giant intimidated, scored (assisted by Facu) and grabbed a key offensive rebound to assist Musa. Before Campazzo had scored a prodigious penetration (68-75, a 1.58). Olympiacos missed three triples in their quest to come back. I note Walkup fourth (71-75 a 58). And although Campazzo he missed his entry in the subsequent attack, Tavares blocked the triple attempt of Canaan y Llull He secured the victory from the free throw (71-77).


71 – Olympiacos (19+17+21+14): Canaan (7), Peters (8), Papanikolau (8), Walkup (17), Fall (10), -cinco inicial-, Larentzakis (9), Milutinov (4), Brazdeikis (2), Sikma (), McKissic (5) y Lountzis (1).

77 – Real Madrid (23+14+24+16): Campazzo (9), Causeur (-), Musa (23), Ndiaye (5), Tavares (11), -starting five-, Deck (5), Poirier (-), Hezonja (18), Alocén (-) and Llull (6).

Referees: Ilija Belosevic (Serbia), Tomislav Hordov (Croatia) and Michele Rossi (Italy).

Incidences: match of day 12 of the Euroleague basketball match played at the Palace of Peace and Friendship.

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