Spain ties a bittersweet classification

Spain ties a bittersweet classification

Montse Tomé’s team fall to Italy but will be in the ‘Final Four’ of the Nations League after the defeat of Sweden


The Spanish women’s soccer team has sealed its pass to the ‘Final Four’ of the 2023-24 Nations League with one day in advance after confirming its first place in Group 4 despite giving up a defeat this Friday against Italy in Pontevedra (2-3), just after Sweden’s stumble in Switzerland awarded them the ticket mathematically.

The result of the Scandinavians in Lucerne (1-0) paved the way for a Spain that from the 25th minute knew it had already mathematically classified for the ‘F4’, although not even that appeased the hunger of Montse Tomé’s team, willing to offer battle at Tere Abelleira’s ‘home’ and in Irene Paredes’ 100th international match.

Athenea, in a magnificent individual play, put the world champions ahead, but the transalpine team, after the break, lowered their spirits in a packed Pasarón. Goals from Giacinti, Cambiaghi and Linari turned the game around, despite the fact that Esther González closed the gap with a quarter of an hour remaining, and spoiled the qualification for ‘F4’.

Without the presence of the injured Alexia Putellas and with Jenni Hermoso delaying her position to form as an interior alongside the Ballon d’Or winner Aitana Bonmatí, Salma Paralluelo served as a reference for the world champion, focused from the beginning on the right side with an Athenea inspired.

After Mariona Caldentey’s goal was disallowed for offside and a shot by the Barça player herself was rejected by the transalpine goalkeeper with a stretch, the Real Madrid striker pulled off a great play that allowed Montse Tomé’s team to advance. after cutting off Lisa Boattin and putting together an accurate shot that slipped into the back of the net (min.12).

Without rushing, the Spanish team controlled the duel, very comfortable and without conceding any chances, while the classification came from Swiss lands. In fact, Cata Coll did not receive a single shot on goal in the first half, but things began to go wrong after passing through the locker room.

As soon as the match resumed and with Spain with ten players on the pitch, Valentina Giacinti equalized the contest in the midst of the local confusion (min.46). Nine minutes later, a header from Michela Cambiaghi allowed the transalpine team to take the lead (min.57); Already in the 64th minute, from a corner kick, Elena Linari scored the third for Andrea Soncin’s team.

Tere Abelleira responded with a shot that hit the crossbar, and, just a few minutes later, she assisted Esther González to close the gap and open the door to hope (min.76). Cata Coll still appeared to thwart Galli’s shot from mid-range.

Spain tried until the end, but could not round out the day and suffered its first defeat of the group stage. However, he was left with the consolation of first place and the ‘F4’, where the two Olympic tickets for the Paris 2024 Games will be decided.


–RESULT: SPAIN, 2 – ITALY, 3 (1-0, at halftime).


SPAIN: Cata Coll; Ona Batlle, Irene Paredes (Ivana Andrés, min.68), Laia Aleixandri, Olga Carmona; Tere Abelleira, Jenni Hermoso, Aitana Bonmatí (Esther González, min.46); Athenea del Castillo (Lucía García, min.46), Salma Paralluelo and Mariona Caldentey.

ITALY: Giuliani; Di Guglielmo (Salvai, min.91), Lenzini, Linari, Boattin; Bergamaschi, Caruso, Giugliano (Galli, min.70), Cambiaghi (Piedmont, min.91); Dragoons (Chain, min.54); y Giacinti (Cantore, min.54).


1-0, min.12: Athenea del Castillo.

1-1, min.46: Hyacinth.

1-2, min.57: Substitutions.

1-3, min.64: Linari.

2-3, min. 76: Esther González.

–REFEREE: Eleni Antoniou (GRE). Ivana Andrés was cautioned (min.83) by Spain.

— STADIUM: Pasarón. 9,212 viewers.

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