Sonatel contests the blocking of its bank accounts, the judge has ruled

Ordered to pay the sum of 1.1 billion CFA francs to the start-up Interface Sas, Sonatel has still not complied. At the request of Interface, the telephone operator’s bank accounts were blocked. This the operator contested in court, but was not completely successful.

The engineering company (Interface Sas), which had developed a process under the Beinday brand, had signed a confidentiality agreement with Sonatel. Some time later, Interface Sas noted that Sonatel had copied the process, despite the confidentiality agreement and despite the patent of invention awarded by the African intellectual property organization to the CEO of Interface Sas, Maguette Sylla. After a complaint, Sonatel was ordered to pay 1.1 billion CFA francs to the engineering company for violation of intellectual property rights (600,000,000 CFA francs for loss of profit and all causes of damage combined and 500,000. 000 CFA francs for the damage suffered).

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To recover her money, Maguette Sylla blocked the Sonatel accounts opened at Attijari, Bhs, Bicis, Société Générale, Ecobank, Boa, Orabank, Bnde and Banque Atlantique Senegal. A procedure attacked by Sonatel which was not completely successful, reports Pressafrik.

Indeed, this Monday, December 4, the judge in summary proceedings rejected Sonatel’s argument which pleaded the nullity of the denunciation exploit. However, the seizure was confined to the Sonatel account opened in the books of Société Générale. Also, the judge therefore ordered the release of the seizures made on the other Sonatel accounts. However, the court ordered the provisional execution of the decision.

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