Santos retires number 11 until Neymar’s return at the request of the player himself

Neymarone of the idols of Santosrequested that the 11 shirt not be worn by any player until his eventual return to the Brazilian club, the team president announced this Monday, Marcelo Teixeira.

“Yesterday (Sunday) I received a call from him and he told me: ‘President, since you have withdrawn the 10 until Santos returns to Primera, then withdraw the 11 until I return,'” Teixeira declared to the TV Santa Cecília channel, from the port city of Santos.

Neymar’s request was interpreted by Teixeira as a sign of an eventual return of the player from the Al Hilal Saudi to Santos, a club that will play in the Second Division for the first time in 2024 and where Neymar trained as a player.

“I was happy and I already have hope. I am very excited that the return to the first division is so quick and the return of Neymar in the future as well. We will study the matter and we will also keep the 11 saved waiting for Neymar to return,” he said. the leader, who did not speak of specific dates.

Star player

On Saturday, in his first press conference after being elected as the new president of the club, Teixeira had announced that Santos would refrain from using the number 10 shirt of its greatest idol, Skindied at the age of 82 on December 29 of last year.

“We are going to momentarily retire the 10 and 11. No one can wear the number 10 anymore, which will only be worn by a new star when we go up to the first division. And the 11 will also wait until our star player returns,” Teixeira reinforced this Monday, although the decision depends on the club members.

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Last Wednesday, on the last day of the Brazilian league, Santos lost at home, 1-2, against Fortaleza and was relegated for the first time in its 111-year history.

The relegation caused violent demonstrations by their fans, who invaded the field, looted commercial premises and set buses and cars on fire in the surroundings of the stadium.

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