Rudy Fernández: The Final Farewell of a Spanish Basketball Legend

It is one of the great questions that fly over the world of basketball: When will Rudy Fernández retire? The Balearic player has already been leaving clues that this may be his last season as an active player. In fact Last year he already warned that this summer will be his last service as captain of the National Team and now it has once again turned on the alerts for Spanish basketball.

It happened after the match that Real Madrid won against Joventut de Badalona in their last match before the Christmas holidays. He did it on social networks with an image of the match accompanied by a short but meaningful text that pointed towards a possible farewell.

“A shame but… I only have to say goodbye forever, although I will always continue thinking about you”he wrote in an Instagram story that has been interpreted as his professional farewell in the Badalona Olympic pavilion, where he grew up as a player wearing the Joventut shirt.

Some words full of meaning that also had a response in a message from his sister Marta in which she also hinted that this was going to be her last game in which it was his home for almost a decade. “Rudy, today I was not able to go see you in Badalona. But I applaud you and I will always applaud you for everything you have made us enjoy at the Olímpic with the Penya shirt.”

Signs that the Spaniard, one of the best players in the history of Spanish basketball, is leaving along the way, as he did last summer. “It is true that little by little the fuse is running out and that I also want to live with my family and disconnect from sport for a bit. But now I don’t think about it. Now I only think about the National Team, about doing my best and then being in preseason with Madrid,” he noted in an interview with Relevo during the last World Cup.

Jordi Villacampa, president of Joventut, also had words for the player on his social networks. “Yesterday was possibly @rudy5fernandez’s last game at the Badalona Olympic. Thank you for everything you have given to our club, the luck of enjoying it and the great career you have had as a player. I think yesterday deserved a better farewell from us. Penya Force”wrote.

“It is true that little by little the fuse is running out and that I also want to live with my family and disconnect from sport for a bit”

Rudy Fernández

Rudy has his sights set on winning all possible titles with Real Madrid, but also in the Valencia Pre-Olympic. That may be the turning point that determines when he retires. If Scariolo’s team finally gets the Olympic ticket, Rudy could become the player who has participated in the most Olympic Games in the history of world basketball. He has already played in five, such as Pau Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro, Oscar Schmidt (Brazil), Andrfew Gaze (Australia) and Teófilo Cruz (Puerto Rico). A final step to the glory of a “legendary player”.

A legendary track record

When you decide to hang up your shirt, Rudy will do so as one of the players with the best records in the history of Spanish basketball. Raised in the Joventut youth academy, a team with which he won a Copa del Rey and a ULEB Cup, the forward left in 2008 for the NBA and after three seasons – interrupted by the 2011 lockout – he returned to Spain to the ranks of Real Madrid with which he has won everything: 6 ACB Leagues, 5 Copas del Rey, 9 Spanish Super Cups, 3 Euroleagues and an Intercontinental Cup.

“It’s one of the biggest we’ve ever had. At the level of historical Europeans with incredible physical and technical talent. And also very intelligent to understand the game and with a high level of individual and collective tactics. Even today I don’t see any player smarter in defense than Rudy.”said Mario Pesquera about the figure of the Balearic Islander and his eternal youth.

“Rudy learned to walk on a basketball court in Lluc Mayor. I threw the ball to him and he started to walk. We have always lived basketball very intensely,” his sister recalled in the summer. Today that sporting life seems to be coming to an end. At least, that’s what the Real Madrid captain said.

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Rudy Fernández Real Madrid CF

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