Reggio Emilia’s Casa Biancorossa: A New Era for Basketball and Sports

Reggio Emilia A giant full of sports, young people, attention to health. The Casa Biancorossa was officially presented, the vast project wanted by Reggiana Basketball to transform the old shed 15A of the Officine Reggiane, in the heart of the Santa Croce district, in the new red and white headquarters. It will not be a headquarters but a home, it was reiterated, a place where the various souls can meet, from the first team to the youth teams to the club’s employees and the fans.

In recent days, Pallacanestro Reggiana signed the preliminary acquisition agreement for the entire complex, which will now be transformed into an enormous structure approximately 140 meters long and with three floors, intended to host three basketball courts, gyms for physiotherapy and businesses, offices, shops, a restaurant and various open spaces. A project beyond ambitious, with a total cost of around 20 million euros which will be covered by the red and white owners, made up of Bartoli family, Graziano Sassi and Enrico San Pietroaiming to access national Sports Credit contributions to finance part of the expenses.

The Casa Biancorossa was officially presented yesterday at Ruote da Sogno, in the presence of all the protagonists and professionals who followed the various steps up to the preliminary acquisition. The next steps will be to reclaim the area by This Reggiane, to fix any problems and remove potentially dangerous parts. The company’s hope is to be able to lay the first stone in less than a year, in September 2024, when Pallacanestro Reggiana will celebrate half a century of life. The actual construction site will then require at least a year and a half to be completed, so to see the House open we will have to go at least to the first part of 2026. Speaking from the stage were the president of Pallacanestro Reggiana Veronica Bartoli, the sports director Filippo Barozzi, the mayor of Reggio Emilia Luca Vecchi, the head of the political secretariat of the presidency of the Emilia-Romagna Region Giammaria Manghi and the father of the actual project, thearchitect Andrea Oliva.

The basic concept, reiterated by all the speakers before showing a model of the company which was also clearly visible yesterday evening at the classic company Christmas dinner, is that of a step never seen in the history of the main Reggio Emilia basketball club, and with few precedents in recent years. decades of public life in Reggio Emilia. A truly remarkable effort, for the figure and for the underlying ambition, that of creating a European-wide hub, also conceived with other models seen in various countries and with few parallels at an Italian level in mind. The idea is to «have a vision of the future, we started from the need to be able to have all our own structures, so as to be able to invest and plan, on the team, on the youth sector which for us represents a fundamental part and for the whole the city”, underlined President Bartoli. With the House, it will be possible to have “a container where all the activities can be brought together under the same roof, starting from mini-basketball up to the first team, where we can share the same mentality and the same identity”.

A place that the entire red and white world can identify as their heart: «The house is not just the hut, the shack, the house is an identity, a place that is a reference. This is what we want Casa Biancorossa to become, elevating the status that this club will obtain for our assets: the youth sector, the sponsors and the fans. We want to be inclusive and not exclusive, it would be a dream in the future to host other local clubs, federations and events, to create value with the territory”, added the sports director Barozzi. There are many possibilities: we would like to have other Reggio Emilia teams here, basketball, wheelchair basketball, women’s basketball, other realities, our desire is to be as inclusive as possible.” All in an area, that of the former Officine Reggiane, which has always been crucial for city life, first as the main production center and then, in recent decades, as an area with serious problems, suffering progressively erased with the construction piece by piece of the project Reggiane Innovation Park, of which shed 15A is one of the largest spaces.

«This is an out-of-scale, ambitious investment, for which we must be grateful to the owners for what it represents and can represent, which brings a further element of innovation and ambition on a European scale. All in an area that has already been revitalized, which sees new activities and which from next year will host around 1,200 university students every day”, pointed out the mayor. The Casa Biancorossa is a great innovation because «it was born from the will of a private entity, it is a first step to open up further interests and possibilities for investments by private parties who join the efforts made by the public». A vision shared by Giammaria Manghi and the Region: «In recent years we have traveled around Europe a lot, seen many high-quality structures, I am thinking of those in Munich and now we will have an experience of this level, of this quality, in Reggio. It will be an important signal for Reggio, for Emilia-Romagna, and will serve to give further strength and continuity to the efforts of Pallacanestro Reggiana, to whom we must truly congratulate”. L

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