Recognizing Danger and the Terrifying Imbecibility of Society: An Analysis

How long does it take us to recognize those who are going to screw up our lives. The inability to truly imagine danger and let go can be a sign of democratic sanity or stupid fatalism. Even those whose lost sense of rebellion leads them to vindicate as an exercise of individual freedom what is and has never been more than a destructive captivity. These abysses without return, with adequate mechanisms for their own destruction, are the definitive proof of a terrifying imbecibility.

If before there was an Argentina that bit and another that yawned, today one is for sale and the other cannot pay the rent. There is nothing out there that is a coherent framework, a backdrop that allows us to clearly understand what is happening. This bad dream that we can’t wake up from because we are having it with our eyes open. The DNU is of sudden, inhuman, savage cruelty. From a psychotic detachment. They no longer only get rid of those who are left over, those who do not fit.

They are social torturers with happy faces, trying with histrionic desperation to fabricate an inhuman story for the consumption of faithful palmeros. It takes little respect to validate such an infamous and shameless way of exercising power. This scandal of reliving the horrors of a “virtuous” economy that destroys and destroys everything, with the alibi of defending noble, libertarian ideals, in a country where everyone should be walking around in rags, given the national passion of the powerful for tearing their clothes.

In today’s world the absurd contains numerous traces of subtleties. Let them tell Patricia Bullrich, who yesterday baptized the national day of anti-picketing without cutting off traffic, and as night fell, a symphony of pots and pans sprung up like mushrooms that fried the guts of social unrest without oil. In the end, it was the day of the picket. This is what utopia eclipses have. Still, one gets lost with so much improvisation. It seems that with a saucepan you can walk down the street. But with a toaster you have to take the path. It is not normal. “The problem is not the chef, but the recipe,” Milei said. The recipe is simple, known. Economists use too many technicalities, but the DNU came to tell you that rents and food are going to be through the roof; that the water, gas and electricity bills hanging from your refrigerator are going to leave you frozen; That when you go to look for work you will have to ask: “Does the work pay anything?” Something like that. Those unimportant things, from everyday life.

Furthermore, your beloved football club can be privatized and converted into a Sports Joint Stock Company. A SAD, like the owner of the ball when we were kids. What instinct did Riquelme develop to perceive the objective that led Mauricio Macri to participate in the Boca elections. This shows that the modification of the law had been on the table for a long time, regardless of who went to the ballot, Milei or Bullrich. We are already hostages of the ultraliberal model. We have not been attentive to the depth of the abyss. They have turned us into a humanity abolished by decree.

2023-12-22 03:01:00
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