Real Madrid dominates Río Breogán 91-58 Ahead of Euroleague Matchups

He Real Madrid knocked down Río Breogán (91-58) in a formal match before facing the visit to the soccer fields this coming week. Olympiakos y Panathinaikos in the Euroleague. The objective against the penultimate team in the League was clear, to take the game forward and control their players. AND Chus Mateo I can do it (Campazzo played 7 minutes, Tavares did not reach 15), and Rudy y The thing rested) despite the fact that the people of Lugo took advantage of the local parsimony to stand up at the start (24-25, min 14). Until the leader, commanded by from exbreogan Dzanan Musa (17+9)he put his strength into defense and erased his rival from the map.

The whites came out to the tran-tran and to the Brogán It was not difficult for him to keep up with the pace of the game. Chus Mateo gave the starting helm to Allocene (he even gave minutes to the ‘pipiolo’ early Hugo Gonzalez) and his team did not find the key either in intensity at the back or in ball movement in attack. He didn’t run, he crashed from the triple (1/5) and was burdened by losses (4). The people of Lugo, with the clearest ideas, took the initiative (17-19, min 10).

Campazzo and Hezonja wake up Madrid

The departure of Campazzo y Hezonja somewhat revitalized Madrid, although he and Brogán remained firm (24-25, min 14). So yes, the whites put their strength into defense and with two arreones they made a difference. First (6-0) lead by Poirier y Campazzo. And the second (9-3)by Musa y Llull. He partial 17-3 before the break he returned logic to the scoreboard (41-28, min 20).

On the resumption Juan Fernandezthe best of the Lugo team, spurred his team on with five points (41-33)But the triples Talker y Allocenewho in the third act finally dusted off his wrist with 9 pointsthey aborted the reaction of the visitors (49-37). Tavares, seen and not seen, went to the bench with three fouls.

A devastating partial 15-0 to seal

The giant was not needed either, because without him the whites They sealed the match with a devastating 15-0 run (62-37, min 27). Musa lit the fuse for the escape, Hezonja He extended it with four free throws after receiving an ugly unsportsmanlike foul from Justin Andersonand a triple of Talkerfour free throws between Musa y I’m going and a counterattack Allocene They finished sealing the final partial.

Madrid came to have a income of 32 points (72-40, min 32) and with all the fish sold, It was the turn of the ‘little ones’. Mateo put on the court at the same time Diagne (16 years), Hugo Gonzalez (17) y I’m going (19), who stood up and even increased the income, preventing the Brogánwho had long ago thrown in the towel, not even make up the final score (91-58).


91 – Real Madrid (17+24+27+23): Alocen (10), Causeur (10), Moses (17), Ndiaye (7), Tavares (4), Poirier (4), Hezonja (11), Abalde (2), Campazzo (3). Llull (6), Hugo Gonzalez (12) and Diagne (5).

58 – Río Breogán (19+9+12+18): Sergi García (-), Érik Quintela (8), Juan Fernández (19), Momirov (-), Sajus (2), -starting five-, Anderson (4), Polite (11), Rudan (4), Jogela ( 6), Ventura (3), Frankamp (1) and Sergi Quintela (-).

Referees: Óscar Perea, Arnau Padrós and Cristóbal Sánchez. They excluded Anderson (min.36) and Rudan (min.38) for five fouls.

Incidences: matchday 12 of the Endesa Basketball League played at the WiZink Center in Madrid in front of 6,998. In the preview, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the actress Concha Velasco.

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