RB Leipzig Coach Marco Rose Disagrees with Timo Werner’s Winter Departure

Apparently Timo Werner is facing a departure from RB Leipzig in the winter. Coach Marco Rose not only disagrees, but also shows his attacker a way back onto the pitch.

Says that he would like to keep Timo Werner: RB Leipzig coach Marco Rose (left). AFP via Getty Images

Eight Bundesliga games, but only twice in the starting line-up: the season has somehow passed Timo Werner by, at least for his standards and ambitions. Six months before the home European Championship, the situation at RB Leipzig is confusing for the 27-year-old attacker.

Most recently, the “Bild” newspaper reported that Werner has now received approval from the club for a possible winter transfer, which means he will become RB coach on Friday afternoon, before the top game in Dortmund on Saturday (6.30 p.m., LIVE! on kicker). Marco Rose was confronted. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Who from the club said that?” Rose asked the crowd of journalists present and criticized the fact that the media quoted other media and then treated this as established facts. There is no release from RB, at least not officially to the outside world. “Timo is our player,” said Rose, who then listed who in the club appreciated the Champions League winner. A long list.

What was more exciting were the very tangible opportunities that the 47-year-old offered his attacker, who had also missed Leipzig’s last five games due to injury. “We always talk as if Timo were miles away,” Rose pointed out and made it clear: “Timo is basically not far away.”

Does Werner first have to “assess his situation correctly”?

However, the returnee has to “fight, work, keep going,” which applies to every player from the second tier, said Rose. Then “every training performance, every game performance, every throw-in will be rewarded” – “the last example was Yussi” (Yussuf Poulsen, editor), who has blossomed into a regular striker again after problems last season.

What is still missing for Werner to be on the pitch again, perhaps even in the starting eleven? “I expect Timo to lead the way with his quality and his CV, to carry the team along,” Rose said clearly. “For me it’s about duels, about signals.” He probably meant Werner in particular when he said generally: “I want to see that every player assesses his situation correctly and deals with it correctly.” Which sounded like Werner hadn’t completed this process yet.

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