Rafael Nadal’s Return: The Final Comeback

This will be his final comeback and we will have to take advantage of it. Rafael Nadal, who will make his return to competition in Australia in Brisbane (on Eurosport) in January, judged Thursday “normal that this is (his) last year” on the tennis courts without however “ensuring it 100% ” in a video posted on social networks.

“In my mind, it’s normal or very likely that this is my last year and I’m going to enjoy every tournament as if it were, but I don’t want to announce it as such because in the end we don’t “I don’t know what can happen,” Nadal, 37, said. The former world No.1, who fell to 664th place in the ATP after an almost blank 2023 season due to a hip injury, insisted on the fact that “you must always give yourself an opportunity and never Don’t say something you might later regret.

A door always ajar to go further

“I can’t guarantee 100%” that this will be the last year “because at the end of the day I worked hard to come back to competition, and if things and the physique allow me to go from there before and enjoy what I do, I think it doesn’t make sense to set a limit for yourself,” he added. “There are many possibilities that it’s my last year, that it’s only half a year, that it’s a full year, that we can’t get to all of that, those are things that I don’t think about. I don’t have the ability to respond at the moment,” continued the winner of 22 Grand Slam tournaments.

“I am only able to say that I am returning to competition,” said Nadal, who repeated that he did not deserve “to end (his) sporting career in a press room”. Rafael Nadal, who announced Friday that he would play the ATP 250 tournament in Brisbane from December 31 to January 7, has not played an official match since his defeat in the second round of the Australian Open last January.

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