PTP Group Sponsors Puerto Real Basketball Club’s Women’s Team, Demonstrating Commitment to Local Sports and Women’s Athletics

In a gesture of support for local sports, PTP Group (Argentine company dedicated to port logistics services and storage of general and refrigerated cargo, with two large projects in the La Cabezuela Pier), has announced its sponsorship of the team female senior of the Puerto Basketball Club Real. This sponsorship not only reinforces this company’s position as a strong supporter of local sports, but also underlines its commitment to the promotion of women’s sports.

The Sports Councilor, José Luis Rodríguez Súnico, has expressed gratitude towards PTP Group for its generous sponsorship. “This type of support not only helps our teams thrive, but also inspires more women and girls to participate in sport. “We are very grateful to the company for its commitment to our club and to women’s sports,” he said.

The senior women’s team of the Puerto Real Basketball Club has thanked the sponsorship and has committed to give your best in the next season. With the support of PTP Group, the team hopes to reach new heights in their future matches. This sponsorship is a positive step towards promoting women’s sport in Puerto Real and is hoped to inspire more local businesses to follow PTP Group’s example.

2023-12-05 11:07:00
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