Para-athlete of the year honored

Two of the para athletes of the year: shot putter Yannis Fischer and swimmer Gina Böttcher (IMAGO / Beautiful Sports / IMAGO / BEAUTIFUL SPORTS / Kenny Beele)

They received an award for their success in para sports. This is what sport for people with disabilities is called.

Yannis Fischer received the award as the best German young athlete this year. Fischer is 21 years old and a shot putter. Fischer won the gold medal at the World Championships for Para Athletes. Fischer starts in the short-statured group. These are athletes under 1 meter 30 tall.

The best athlete is Anna-Lena Forster. Forster rides mono-skis. A monoski is a ski for wheelchair users. When mono-skiing, athletes have special supports for their arms. This allows the athletes to support themselves. Anna-Lena Forster won 4 gold medals at the World Ski Championships for Para-Athletes.

The best athlete is Leon Schäfer. Schäfer also took part in the World Championships for Para-Athletes. There he took part in the long jump. He starts in the group of people who don’t have an upper thigh. There he set a world record: Schäfer jumped 7 meters 25.

There was also a prize for the best team. The best para sports team this year is the cross-country relay. In a relay, 4 athletes start one after the other. It counts everyone’s performance together. The 4 athletes won the gold medal at the world championships.

The German Disabled Sports Association awarded the para sports prizes. The award ceremony was in the city of Düsseldorf.


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