Olympic Champion Sébastien Flute’s Contribution to Archery and Youth Development


Sébastien FLUTE Patrice Martin Prize

World and Olympic archery champion, Sébastien Flute played a decisive role in the explosion of the popularity of archery in France in the 90s. A few years ago, he participated in the “Espérance” program. and solidarity around a ball” set up by Ms. Marie-José LALLART at UNESCO, participating in archery competitions in Burkina Faso and distributing a large donation of health, medical and sports equipment in support of 14,000 street children, orphaned by the war in Ivory Coast.
Today sports director of archery within the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, he says: “We want to try to leave a trace in the minds of young French people of what sport could bring them. The hope is that the new generation will find an interest in sport, put down their cell phones and want to practice an activity.

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