Nico Paz, Ancelotti’s crush

Nico Paz, Ancelotti’s crush

After the game, Nico Paz’s little sister did not hesitate. Still intoxicated with emotion, she went down to the locker room. Real Madrid and he gave an endless hug with the youth player. She was dressed in a Madrid shirt, minutes before she had also merged in another emotional hug with her mother, who with her hand on her mouth was staging one of the most special moments of her life. At only 19 years old, her eldest son scored his first goal with the first team shirt. And what a goal. “It was really moving,” they explain at the club, happy to see how La Fábrica’s most promising player broke through.

Nico Paz was born in Tenerife on September 8, 2004. His father, Pablo, a former professional soccer player who played as a defender and also played for Newell’s, Banfield and Independiente, played there, in addition to playing for a good number of Spanish teams, such as the Chicharrero club, where He had more relevance at a sporting level and formed his current family. With Argentina, he managed to compete in the World Cup in France (1998) and won the silver medal at the Atlanta Games (1996).

Successes that young Nico hopes to overcome, “a calm, educated and hard-working boy” who arrived at Real Madrid at 13 years old, to enter Infantil B, coming from the CD Tenerife youth academy. There he already stood out for his peculiar handling of the ball, his corpulence, his good physique and his ability. All of this is combined with a virtue that is scarce today in the new generations: «Nico listens, listens and listens. And his feet are always on the ground », they detail in Madrid.

The young midfielder, who plays as an interior player, has a cannon in his left leg, as he showed on Tuesday, and is a faithful believer in the youth team and the work the team does. Madrid in the factory. His message after the match against Naples was not a toast to the sun. If he could live a night like this, many others also have it in their hands.

In these seven and a half years in Valdebebas He has been a differential in all the teams in what he has played, as happened with the Juvenil de Arbeloa that last season won the treble. This season, he combines the dynamics of the first team with Castilla, where Raúl has also given him the honors he has earned with the same recipe that Ancelotti fell in love with: “he is a footballer for the future of Madrid.”

Carletto is not a coach who usually gives compliments to youth players, but in the case of Nico Paz the spell is absolute. He has a special feeling with the kid, whom he already took on the preseason tour of the United States, having minutes against him. Milan and Manchester United. The numerous absences from the first team have given him the opportunity to make his debut in the League and Champions League, and to strengthen a special relationship with the rest of his teammates. The first team locker room loves him. There is Rudiger’s effusive celebration or Kroos’ public confession in the United States: “he is great, he should always train with us.”

Argentina, yes; Spain, no

So good that it is incomprehensible that Nico Paz has chosen to play with the Argentina team without even raising the question of why not do it with Spain, which is still the country where he was born and raised. As he was burning stage in Factory, Madrid and the player himself were surprised that he was never called up for the different base teams of the national team. “And 0 calls with the lower categories of Spain,” Arbeloa wrote in 2022, in response to a tweet in which Paz’s brilliant statistics were listed.

Spain’s forgetfulness was taken advantage of by Argentina, in need of talent in the center of the field. In May 2022, Nico Paz was called up for the first time by the Albiceleste U-20, led by Mascherano. Scaloni has also counted on him for training with the senior team, such as those prior to the World Cup in Qatar. From there he has a photo with Messi that he proudly displays on his Instagram account, which is already on its way to one million followers.

In January of this year, Nico He played in the South American under-20 and in this last break he traveled to Japan with the under-23 to play two preparatory friendlies for the pre-Olympic tournament in January. Tournament that does not have Nico’s presence guaranteed. His dispute would make him miss almost a month of competition with Real Madrid, and with a high number of injuries his presence is more necessary than ever.

His prominence with the Argentine youth teams, plus the desire to follow in his father’s footsteps, makes one think that the decision has been completely made, but the legal reality is that until Nico Paz does not play three games with Argentina’s senior team, he will still be eligible for Spain. Another thing is that if the Federation finally knocks on his door, it is normal for him to return empty-handed.

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