New England Patriots Out of NFL Playoffs Contention: Bill Belichick’s Era Coming to an End

LosNew England Patriotsare out of contention for NFL playoffs for the second consecutive season, which at the time put more doubt on the continuity of the head coach Bill Belichick leading the team, as it was previously rumored that his era was coming to an end.

With a record of 3-10, there are times of change and perhaps, the end of the cycle is near and this is how it happened with the legendary Tom Bradythe time of Belichick in New England apparently it’s over.

The decision was made a long time ago

According to information from and NBC Sports, Belichick will not continue leading the Patriots for the following 2024 NFL season, with the decision even being made long before last Thursday’s loss to the Steelers.

The report indicates that after losing against the Indianapolis Colts in Germany on November 12, the top leadership of the Patriots spoke with the head coach and informed him that they had made the decision that he would not continue leading the team.

Belichick an NFL legend

Belichick is one of the most successful figures in NFL history, winning 8 Super Bowls during his career: 2 as defensive coordinator for the New York Giants under Bill Parcells in the 1980s and 6 more as head coach of the New England Patriots between 2000 and 2019, alongside dynasty icon Tom Brady.

However, Belichick has struggled mightily since Brady left the Patriots, making the NFL Playoffs just once and with a losing regular-season record.

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