New Beginnings: Maison des Associations Reopens After Floods

Monday, December 4, the security commission validated the opening of the Maison des associations. The work, delayed by the pandemic, will allow five associations to find brand new dedicated premises in place of the old nursery school devastated by the floods of October 2018. “Some think that we are still rehashing this episode which forever marked the commune. The culture of risk must be present and it is good to remember that we are not immune to a new episode, despite the water spreading work and the demolition of homes. With this completely renovated establishment, rugby, football, judo, fitness and the Teen club will once again be able to return to normal club life, especially sports clubs. Also, three meeting rooms (119, 65 and 36 m2) will be available, as well as a common office”, underlines Mayor Jean-François Juste. Before handing over the keys after signing the regulations, the provision agreement and the inventory, the municipality will provide the meeting rooms with tables and chairs. The purchase of 25 judo mats will allow the new Conquoise association to permanently benefit from ideal conditions for the practice of this leisure sport.

2023-12-06 20:07:56
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