Negotiations for Loan of Miguel Trauco to Internacional Progressing, Says Twitter Page

The Inter Raiz Dos Guri page, on Twitter, reported the following very early: “The negotiation for the loan of Miguel Trauco to Internacional is progressing until the end of 2024. The player would only come with the salaries paid by the club, around 650 thousand monthly. Negotiations must conclude before the end of the year. Good player ?”

Immediately, the twisted ‘Colorado’ spoke out through social networks. “He is a free player,” they wrote. There were also others who debated his lack of branding. Likewise, followers appeared who remembered the good football moment he had in Flamengo, when he played with Paolo Guerrero from 2017 to 2019.

Depor contacted its representative, José ‘Pepe’ Chacón, and he told us that “there is no formal interest from Internacional, except for what the media in Brazil is reporting.” Of course, the FIFA agent revealed the following: “There are two specific Brazilian soccer proposals for Miguel Trauco, but it is not International. “I hope in five days that it can be finalized, according to the negotiations.”

In addition to the proposals from two Brazilian clubs, there are other alternatives from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. “They are more distant, but also possibilities,” he explained.

The next few days will be decisive in defining the football future of Miguel Trauco, who is also requested by the fans of Universitario de Deportes for the Centenary, but there is no direct contact with him or his representative. Of course, a window could open for the ‘Genius’ if Nelson Cabanillas goes abroad, a player who is seeking a contract extension with a clause included to make the jump to Argentine, Mexican or European football.

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