National team: DFB boss: No debates about Nagelsmann until the European Championship

National team DFB boss: No debates about Nagelsmann until the European Championship

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf (l) no longer wants to discuss the future of national coach Julian Nagelsmann until the European Championships. photo

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After the good start with Julian Nagelsmann, the DFB selection disappointed before the European Championship year. The head of the association does not want to allow any discussions about the national coach.

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf does not want to discuss the future of national coach Julian Nagelsmann before the European Football Championship in Germany.

Only after the home European Championships will it be discussed whether and how things will continue with Nagelsmann, who was only hired in September. Neuendorf emphasized this in the latest episode of the podcast “Spielmacher – the EM Talk with Sebastian Hellmann and 360Media”, which will be published on Thursday.

The commitment is initially planned until the summer, until then the focus will be entirely on the European Championships. “We’ll stick with it. We won’t start debates in any way now,” emphasized Neuendorf. “We won’t let ourselves be dissuaded from the line because it’s all background noise that we don’t need now. He has to have full support for the next six months. No secondary theaters of war,” added the 62-year-old DFB boss.

Neuendorf speaks of a rollercoaster ride

Under the direction of Nagelsmann, the DFB selection started the 36-year-old’s term in office on a trip to the USA with a 3-1 win against the hosts and a 2-2 win against Mexico. Most recently, with the 2:3 against Turkey and the 0:2 in Austria, there were bitter setbacks and criticism of the former Leipzig and Bayern coach for his tactical experiments.

Given the public reaction, Neuendorf spoke of a roller coaster ride. The amplitudes would swing extremely upwards and downwards. After two not so good games, things got dark again. He sometimes wishes that there would be more moderation and balance.

The positive should be highlighted and what needs to be strengthened instead of always talking or writing yourself into the ground. The next test matches will be in March against France and the Netherlands, and the European Championship preliminary round opponents will be Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland in June.




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