Municipal Dojo Refurbished and Supported by French Judo Federation: Future Plans for New Dojo Unveiled

After the water damage that occurred in June, the municipal dojo, located a stone’s throw from the swimming pool, was refurbished by the municipality. But the mats as well as the floor had been damaged and it was urgent to find mats to allow training to continue. The Noris company helped the club out by providing them. This exceptional expense was covered by the French Judo Federation as well as the Gironde Committee, with 2,000 euros remaining the responsibility of the Bourquais club.

In 2024, a communication campaign will be put in place to present future projects, including a new dojo via the “1,000 solidarity dojos” operation. Supported by the French Judo Federation and the National Sports Agency, this operation allows communities to have a new dojo. The municipality’s contribution comes down to the provision of a building.

2023-12-06 12:56:14
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