moves on to the Champions League and announces the renewal of Mapi León

BarcelonaBarça’s 2023 has had only one blemish from a competitive point of view: the elimination of the Copa de la Reina due to Geyse Ferreira’s improper line-up. The rest has been an excellent year that has brought the second Champions League and the eighth League. 2024, on the other hand, is an uncertainty. Not because of what could happen sportingly between now and the end of the year, since the Catalan team has the League on track, is the favorite to win the Copa de la Reina and is among the main candidates to lift the third in Bilbao eared, but for the work that needs to be done from the offices with the pending renovations and the search for a new coach for next year. But tonight, at the end of the match against Rosengard, Barça closed a folder. Mapi León, as the ARA advanced, is the second renewal after that of Patri Guijarro despite his recent meniscus operation. The announcement was made official on the pitch itself at the Johan Cruyff Stadium. The center will continue until June 2026.

Rosengard has been the last rival to be subjected to the magnanimous superiority of Barça this 2023. The Blaugrana have confirmed their ticket to the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a 7-0 triumph a day after their greatest rival state team, Real Madrid, was eliminated from the competition with two days left for the group stage to end. The Swedish team, beaten by Malmö’s 0-6, went out with the sole aim of defending itself. But the resistance only lasted until the 15th minute, when Aitana Bonmatí served a ball to Keira Walsh inside the area and the Englishwoman made it 1-0 with the help of a bounce

If Barça did not end the game before half-time, it was thanks to Angel Mukasa, the 21-year-old Rosengard goalkeeper. In this section, Claudia Pina could have scored one of the goals of the European day when she executed a shot from 25 meters that was aimed at the right corner. Mukasa flew and with the tips of his fingers diverted the ball’s destination, which then hit the crossbar. But, if it was about coming out in the summaries of the best goals of the year, the problem has been quickly solved. Graham Hansen found Aitana inside the area, who returned the ball with his heel and left the Norwegian alone in front of Mukasa to make it 2-0. Bib

Salma Paralluelo didn’t let Rosengard’s hopes linger long after the break. The striker got the back of the visiting defense taking advantage of a long pass from Graham Hansen and crossed the ball past Mukasa. The third ranked Ballon d’Or also made it 4-0, finishing off a cross from Ona ​​Batlle in the first touch. The handle was the work of Claudia Pina with a shot from inside the area; Marta Torrejón, head, made it 6-0, and Jessica Wik, as in Malmö, scored an own goal. Now the Blaugrana team is going on Christmas vacation and will not play again until Twelfth Day. And he will do it in a derby. Llevant les Planes de Sant Joan Despí, who made things difficult for Real Madrid this weekend, will visit Johan Cruyff. A pretty interesting gift for someone who hasn’t done their homework yet.

Barça: Paños; Torrejón, Martina Fernández, Engen (Bronze, 69′), Ona Batlle (Judit, 80′); Walsh, Aitana (Oshoala, 68′), Claudia Pina; Graham Hansen, Mariona (Vicky López, 69′), Salma Paralluelo (Bruna Vilamala, 78′). Coach: Jonatan Giráldez. Rosengard: Mukasa; Brown, Obaze (Persson, 46′), Arnardóttir, Jessica Wik; Jansson, Öling, Bredgaard; Larsson, Schoug, Andersson (Sprung, 46′). Coach: Joel Kjetselberg. Goals: 1-0 Keira Walsh (15′), 2-0 Graham Hansen (34′), 3-0 Salma Paralluelo (54′), 4-0 Salma Paralluelo (60′), 5-0 Claudia Pina (73′ ), 6-0 Marta Torrejón (75′), 7-0 Jessica Wik, own goal (85′). Referee: Eleni Antoniou (Greece). Yellow cards: None. Red cards: None. Stadium: Johan Cruyff. 5,070 spectators.

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