Monterrey Eliminated from Liguilla Quarterfinals with Draw Against Atlético de San Luis

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Monterrey.- Striped did not go beyond a draw against Atlético de San Luis and was eliminated in the Quarterfinals in the BBVA Stadium.

The goal of Vitinho At the beginning of the second half, together with the advantage achieved in the first leg, were enough for the Potosinos to advance to the Semifinals at the expense of the Regios, who fell trying to score a heroic goal.

Monterrey He started aggressively and took the lead on the scoreboard within a minute. 8to tie the global score.

A shot of Maxi Meza was bounced and reached Jesus Gallardowho sent a pass to the small area where he was Rogelio Funes Moriwho pushed the ball into the goal with a sweep.

Los albiazules They felt comfortable on the field with the minimum advantage, which meant classification to the Semifinals due to position in the table.

Almost the entire first half was spent with total control of “the gang“, but the clearest ones were a header from Stefan Medina that ended in a corner kick and one against that Berterame could not be completed due to poor control.

While Dieter Villalpando responded with an easy shot at the hands of Andrade.

The Monterrey team dominated during the first half. Credits Francisco Ordaz / ABC News.

And an out of place in the 46‘annulled the second of Stripedwhich had been noted by Luis Romo and seemed to seal the tie.

But the Potosinos changed the course of the game with the entry of John Murillo y Vitinhoboth participate in the tying goal in the 49

It was in the first play of the complement that Murillo led a counter-coup, Gallardo He didn’t manage to cut it and left the ball served to Vitinhowho put the 1-1 to return the overall advantage to his team.

From that moment on, Monterrey He was once again master and lord of the actions, but with few clear ones like a gunshot. Medina which was covered by the defense.

Fernando Ortiz shook the bank with the income of Rodrigo Aguirre, Jesus Crown y Jordi Cortizobut the extreme centers did not find a finisher for a long period of the game.

saint Louis was closer to a golden goal, but the post prevented the double from Vitinho.

Rogelio Funes Mori could not do more to prevent the elimination of the Rayados. Credits Francisco Ordaz / ABC News.

The tie in this match left the overall score 2-1 in favor of saint Louiseliminating the Striped in the first round of the Liguilla.

The Potosinos, who are among the top four after years of absence, will face in the Semifinals the Americawho got their ticket to the next round by beating León.

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