Mokwon University Leading the Way in Pickleball Education for Daejeon Citizens

Held every Wednesday at the university gym

Over 100 educated citizens

Pickleball education in Daejeon elementary, middle, and high schools

A citizen is hitting a ball with a paddle on the pickleball court at the Mokwon University gym. Provided by Mokwon University

Mokwon University is focusing its efforts on spreading ‘pickleball’ among citizens.

Pickleball is a fusion of tennis, table tennis, and badminton, and is a sport that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors using a ball and racket. The game is played in a stadium with a net similar to the height of a tennis net (91 cm) installed on a badminton court area (6.1 m wide, 13.4 m long). The game is played by holding a racket (paddle) that is about 1.5 times larger than a table tennis stick, hitting a plastic ball with holes, and passing it to the opponent’s court. The game is played like table tennis, and the first player to score 11 points wins.

Mokwon University’s Department of Sports and Health Management announced on the 7th that it teaches pickleball and strength training to citizens at the university gym every Wednesday afternoon.

Pickleball is a new ball game that allows you to do aerobic and strength training at the same time and is easy to learn and has relatively fewer restrictions such as age and physical condition compared to other sports. It is a sport that started in the United States in 1965 and has recently gained popularity, and is known to be active in Korea mainly through the Korean Pickleball Association, local associations, and clubs.

Professor Jeong Hee-seong of the Department of Sports and Health Management and seven students of the Department of Sports and Health Management from the ‘Daejeon Seo-gu University Student Happiness Sharing Volunteer Group’ are participating in Mokwon University’s pickleball volunteer work. Since last February, they have been teaching pickleball to citizens who visit the Mokwon University gym every Wednesday at 6:30 PM and helping them practice.

Kang Myeong-su (71), who is learning pickleball at Mokwon University, said, “The biggest appeal of pickleball is that even beginners can enjoy the game by learning simple rules.” He added, “It is not a strenuous exercise, so the risk of injury is low, but the amount of exercise is high, so anyone of any age can play.” “You can enjoy it,” he said.

The reason why Professor Jeong, who is serving as the education director of the Korea Pickleball Association, volunteered for pickleball is because the Daejeon area does not have the proper conditions to easily learn and enjoy pickleball. Some citizens asked Professor Jeong if they could learn pickleball, and through discussions with the university, Professor Jeong decided to teach pickleball to local residents along with students from the Department of Sports and Health Management.

According to Mokwon University, there are more than 100 Daejeon citizens who have undergone pickleball training over the past 10 months. It has been reported that physical education teachers from elementary, middle, and high schools in the Daejeon area learned pickleball at Mokwon University and are now teaching pickleball during school physical education activities.

Professors and students of the Department of Sports and Health Management, pickleball enthusiasts, and others are taking a commemorative photo at the Mokwon University gymnasium. Provided by Mokwon University

Professor Jeong said, “We have received support for facilities and supplies from Mokwon University and Seo-gu, Daejeon, and are conducting volunteer work for citizens together with students.” He added, “The Department of Sports and Health Management will continue to contribute to the development of the local community as well as the healthy lives of citizens.” “We will continue to carry out contribution activities,” he said.


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