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Every morning we go for a walk through that blank, unfinished canvas that is life. A life that passes lightly, sometimes silently, over a humanity that sometimes, by the way, gives very little desire to save it. An example is what happened this summer at K2, the second highest peak on Earth. From the narrow climbing path, crowded with climbers, a 27-year-old Pakistani Sherpa, Muhammad Hassan, fell and rolled five meters. They hoisted him up, badly injured, and left him there, at 8,200 meters above sea level. The most chilling thing came later.

The incident was recorded on footage. It is clearly seen how 80 to 100 people pass over the dying body of the bearer, raising their “little leg” and giving a small jump over the injured person. Everyone chose to crown the summit, alienated by getting the very expensive selfie on top of the world. They abandoned him in the Death Zone and, indeed, after a few hours he died. Hassan died because he was poor. If he had been one of those rich paying clients (between $60,000 and $100,000 a ticket) he would undoubtedly have been saved. The impassive abandonment of this poor porter is terrifyingly inhumane. Mountaineering is no longer what it used to be. The predatory market has long been established in the high mountains.

The world has not stopped challenging us, each time with new and more powerful arguments. However, the distance between reality and the self-complacent perception of that individualistic dream of a dominant and uncontrolled self, perfectly functional to the system, has only widened.

Pride is never so devastating as when it becomes unnecessary. Milei also asks us to raise our “little paw” and “jump” over the dying social fabric, which is staring unceremoniously into the abyss. She says it with that alienated clarity of someone who has seen hell up close and has returned to ignore its existence.

One must continue to penetrate, one by one, into the layers that give shape to an unknown reality, full of ambushes and repression, to get closer to the only possible source of light in these latitudes: resistance to “ultraliberal” messianism. We all know what happens when those excluded, those overcrowded, those who are left over, those who do not fit in, those expelled from all common interest suddenly abandon their apparent indifference with a howl. The strength of life is in the collective, in care, in that indispensable accompaniment to sustain ourselves, to understand each other, to continue living. The impulse to push the limits, to go as far as you can and a little further, is the basis of the human condition.

One can come to terms with one’s failure, but it is extremely difficult to live with ridicule. Once the sweat of fear has been purged, it has already been shown that it is more likely that North Korea will sign Leo Messi than that the protests will take to the streets. At the bottom of the wound there is a hope that festers. They have agreed on something: the country is not for sale, and if the police cut off, they do not charge.

2023-12-28 15:53:23
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