Míchel: “They are deserved numbers and from a team that fights for everything, even if the League is not our aspiration”

The faces speak for themselves. Míchel, like the whole team, radiated happiness. As a good leader, Girona did what it had to do this afternoon against Valencia. In other words, to win and including a comeback thanks to a brace from Stuani (2-1). Míchel’s are leaders with 38 points, pending the result of Madrid against Granada (35). “The changes were decisive in the score. We played a very consistent game in the game to be the team that carried the weight in the game. The 0-1 comes from a mistake on our part, Sávio should not have done the service aside. Valencia is one of the best teams defending and it was difficult for us to generate scoring chances. We avoided their transitions. With the 0-1 we did our best to accumulate and put people in the area. Everyone is working very well, it’s good for the squad to have important moments for everyone. The mentality has been to look for the goal until we find it. We are dominating a lot and the rivals are waiting for us further back than usual. We have to create spaces for ourselves,” he said.

On Yangel Herrera’s injury: “Yangel has to be tested”: “He noticed a discomfort in an action, but it doesn’t look good if it’s muscular. I think Pablo Torre’s entry was very good, we wanted reception between the lines. His game was very good. Without Yangel, we may have lacked a finishing point.”

“”Valencia makes some great transitions, but the three central players have worked very well. The pressure was good not to let them run. The player has top players and we didn’t let them run as much as we would have liked. We did a good defensive job,” he said.

“If they give me the choice, a long week. But we don’t have time. To prepare Barça we will have from Thursday to Sunday. For me as a coach it would be ideal to have a full work week.”

“The players deserve the respect that the rivals have for us now. Athletic do not. Valencia slowed us down a lot. It was more because of Sávio than because of his game, but we all adapt to the opponent. I myself preferred to have a fast player to the right wing like Eric. In possession of the ball we have a lot of ability to overcome lines, we have threats. We have to play all kinds of games: low, middle or high block. Stuani is the best player in the area.”

“The whole province is proud. We play for and for our people. We are putting Girona on the map, but Girona gives a lot to the club. The people contribute and give us their bit.”

“Day to day with these players is incredible. They are a pineapple. They deserve everything that is happening to them. Great people make great teams. The welcome to Stuani in the dressing room has been brutal.”

“It’s good to recognize that we’re making history. It can’t be something normal. We’ve won 12 in 15 games. I just ask that in the bad times we’re all together. Madrid, Barça and Atlético are not our league, we’d have brutal pressure. We to be very clear that it is very difficult to put ourselves at their level and we will not keep up with them. They are deserved numbers, but from a team that fights for everything and we want but do not aspire to fight for the league,” he concluded.

For his part, the coach of Valencia, Rubén Baraja, made the following assessment of the game: “We played a good game until the 1-1 at a high level. We had the possibility to make it 0-2, but we didn’t close the game. The 1-1 came because of fatigue and effort. We had stopped Girona until then. The action has left us a little cold. I have great frustration and anger. It’s a shame not to win – nothing to do with the game we played today.” “We knew it would be a complex game because Girona is a team that puts a lot of pressure on. Diego López made an effort to play, he was in pain, and then came Stuani’s first goal. The 1-1 gave them a plus of confidence and for us the changes didn’t give us the push. Stuani is decisive, he turned around a match that we didn’t deserve to lose. We had the leader against the ropes, or putting him in difficulty. Girona is with the he shoots up and doesn’t need much to score. We made things difficult for him. He has to help us learn and be able to defend well at the end of the game,” he added.

“We know that Girona is a consistent team. We lacked freshness. When we wanted to change, it didn’t give us time in the action. It has players of great quality. We knew that the game would be long until the end. Montilivi is a field very difficult. The difference in sentencing was the 0-2 that we didn’t get,” he said.

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