Mario Simón wins the XIV Spanish Traditional Wu Shu Championship

Alcarreño living in Marbella, Mario Simón emerged as champion of Traditional Wu Shu last weekend in Villareal, where the XIV Spanish championship took place. Simon managed to win three gold medals and one bronze medal on an intense sports day.

The competition was divided between morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning he won the gold medals in the “Wudang Empty Hand” and “Tai Chi Empty Hand” categories. In the afternoon, Simón won bronze in the “Tai Chi Weapons” category and finally the last gold in the category in the “Fixed Tui Shou” category of less than 70kg, also known as “Push Hands”. The participation in the tournament was high levelwhich made the 32-year-old athlete’s victory even more difficult.

Other achievements

It is They are not the first medals he has obtained, since he already won first place in Sanshou Tuishou in less than 65 kg at the II European Taichi and Internal Styles Championship held in Moscow, bronze medal in the Empty Hand Taichi category at the III European Taichi and Styles Championship Interns held in Moscow and two bronze medals in the categories of Taichi empty hand and Taichi with sword in the “VIII of Traditional Kung-fu in Emei-Shan”, China. He, in turn, has the recognition of High Level Athlete by the Higher Sports Council.

Simón combines life academic, professional and sports: He studies at the University of Malaga and works in a gym where he also trains. “Sport gave me discipline, so I can study and work with training.” Her training requires a refined mix of physicality and technique, which she practices on the street. Her goal is to obtain a university degree while she maintains her training and preparation for the upcoming European and world competitions.

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