Mandatory Neck Protection in Ice Hockey: IIHF Makes Move After Tragic Death

Dec 4, 2023 at 8:48 PM Update: 2 days ago

The IIHF World Ice Hockey Association will make neck protection mandatory following the tragic death of Adam Johnson. In the future, ice hockey players will have to wear such a protector at both the world championships and the Olympic Games.

In October, 29-year-old Johnson received an iron from a skate in his neck during a match between his club Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers. The American died of his injuries.

In England it was almost immediately decided that all ice hockey players at all levels must wear neck protection from New Year’s Eve. The Dutch ice hockey association introduced the same measure, also from January next year.

Wearing a neck protector is strongly recommended until then. In the Netherlands, wearing neck protection for young people was already mandatory before Johnson’s death.

The IIHF measure applies to both the world championships and the Olympic Games. The American top league NHL does not fall under the regulations of the IIHF and has not yet introduced the measure.

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