Mancini: “Goodbye Italy for money? No, here’s the reason”

Roberto Mancini insists: he did not leave the national team bench due to the rich offer from Saudi Arabia. The official resignation of the Italian coach arrived shortly before August 15th 2023 then, a few weeks later, the “Mancio” began the adventure in Arabia by signing a contract worth 25 million per season until 2026. Interviewed by the correspondent of Hyenas, Stefano Corti, Mancini denied that Arab money was the cause of the sudden divorce and criticized the press. “When there were serious newspapers, journalists, editors and owners of newspapers, true things were written, now a lot of nonsense is written. The things written are mostly nonsense: I left for many reasons“.

“It’s a decision that should have been made a little earlier”

No economic reasons but only personal choices for the coach who led Italy to win the Euro 2020. “Let’s say that after so many years, perhaps, sometimes, a decision had to be made – said Mancini -. Maybe it’s a decision that should have been made a little earlierHowever, at the same time, I can also understand that one can feel bad about it. I too was disappointed by many things, and with great disappointment because I would have stayed another ten yearsif it were possible. Something had changed compared to before, but can I say something? Too much has been said.”

Gravina: “He never spoke to me about problems in the national team”

Hyenas they also heard the opinion of Gabriele Gravina. The president of the football federation had felt “betrayed” by Mancini and then started the process to a compensation case against the coach resigned. “I shared five years with Roberto – recalled Gravina – and when you experience five years of sensitivity, very strong emotions, a historic result (the victory of the European Championship, ed.), How do you deny everything? It would be an incredible defeat for me to think of having invested in a human relationship which then leaves nothing behind.” Gravina also denied that Mancini had gone to him several times to talk about the problems and why he wanted to leave the national team: “No, Roberto and I haven’t talked about this topicneither in the five years nor a minute before he wanted to submit his resignation.”

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