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There is no money, they tell you. It’s okay to not understand the world if you can pretend to understand it. Before, the caste had the money. Now it turns out that no one has it. Not even the rich. We have not been attentive to the depth of the abyss. The noose around the neck is clearly tightening. We do not have much time to review our misfortunes with characters who obey the hegemony of the ultra-liberalism of fear, and the “market sentiment”, one of the great syntagms of modernity. For some, markets “feel”, they feel more than people.

This is what happens to Mauricio Macri, who “feels” everything from the privatizing voracity of the market. Without the intention of convincing the most layman, Mauricio Macri has already lost the elections in Boca. He knows. He only longed to find a little understanding, of shelter, but a flood of “trick” fans swept him away, leaving naked his manic belligerence and that perverse and deceitful desire to control the future of the entity. A future that today belongs to the members, and that foolish stubbornness (how dare they) to vote. What fear are inspired by those who never doubt that truth and lies are always on their side.

These are moments when it is very good to remember some of the events celebrated by your pack colleagues. “Without the intervention of Nicolás Sarkozy, Qatar would never have won the World Cup,” expressed Joseph Blatter to the French newspaper Le Monde. The former FIFA president linked the French president’s support to the purchase of Paris Saint Germain by Emir Hamad Ben Khalifa Al-Thani, a character very close to Mauricio Macri. Months later, Michel Platini was arrested by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office for alleged irregular participation in the purchase of votes for the emirate. On November 23, 2010, the former footballer participated in a meal at the Elysee Palace with Al-Thani and Sarkozy, days before the vote. The prosecution was able to verify that the necessary votes were obtained at said meeting.

On January 27, 2018, at the Parque de los Príncipes stadium, President Mauricio Macri met for the third time, in the last four years, (yes, you read that correctly, three times in four years) with Nicolás Sarkozy. The former Argentine president shared meetings with the French president, with Ben Khalifa Al-Thani, with Gianni Infantino, new president of FIFA, and with the already resigned from UEFA, Michel Platini. All together. In that touch that he does so much to the affection. A year later Sarkozy, Infantino and Platini were indicted by French justice. Later, Macri became president of the FIFA Foundation. Could it be that one is a “conspirator”? Be. Not everything is what it seems. It’s true. Sometimes it’s worse. Let them tell the number nine from Qatar.

The elections in Boca are ideological, not sports. The “xeneize” entity is the small advance stage of the great battle that is coming in the country to defend numerous conquered rights. And disabuse yourself. Yes, there is money, the rich have it, damn it!

2023-12-15 03:01:00
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