LIVE Virtus Bologna-Barcelona 8-11, Euroleague basketball LIVE: half of the 1st quarter, Belinelli on the line to equalize


Enter Willi Hernangomez, European champion with coach Sergio Scariolo and his Spain.

7′ Foul on Belinelli: 3 free throws!

Triple by Satoranski who dances on the rim and goes out.

8-11 Hackett triple! The second

Lost Barcelona with Vesely.

Cordinier misses the support on the backboard.

5-11 Vesely crushes in the area.

Nice rebound from Dunston on Belinelli’s missed shot, but it hits the backline of the USA.

5-9 Laprovittola on the bottom line.

5-7 Two out of two for the Georgian.

6′ Foul by Da Silva, here are the first two free throws for Shengelia.

Dunston did well to take the ball away from Satoranski.

6:00 Satoranski misses an easy support.

Missed shot from laprovittola, but another loss for Virtus.

Very banal lost ball by Shengelia.

3-7 Vesely.

4′ Satoranski starts and wins the defense foul.

He misses the stop and shoots Cordinier.

THERE HE IS! Barcelona’s fourth team foul.

3-5 Kalinic from the corner.

Splendid Virtus action, from three Shengelia on the rim.

Foul Satoranski, third of the team.

3-2 Satoranski with the bike at the edge.

2′ This time Hackett misses the 3-pointer.

2′ Another foul by the Spaniards, Kalinic this time. Belinelli’s outings were feared by every defense.

2′ Barcelona foul, Laprovittola.

Shengelia rebounds on Kalinic’s error.

3-0 Hackett from the corner!

Satoranski also makes a mistake, hanged by the Virtus defense.

Shengelia makes a mistake by leaning on the glass.

1′ Two-ball won by Virtus

The power of Bologna: Dunston, Cordinier, Hackett, Belinelli Shengelia Coach: Banchi

Barcelona: Kalinic, Da Silva, Vesely Laprovittola, Satoranski, Coach: Grimau

8.27pm First direct confrontation between Banchi and Grimau.

8.25pm ​​The Unipol Arena in Bologna is packed with fans, as often happens in the Euroleague. Soon the quintets lined up by the coaches.

20.22 Jakubaitis who, in all likelihood, will be Gianmarco’s Italy’s opponent Pozzecco in the pre-Olympic tournament which will take place in July Puerto Rico and who will decide who between the home national team, Italy and the Lithuania will access the Olympic Games of Paris 2024.

8.20pm Barcelona, ​​as mentioned, has a sensational rooster, almost like an NBA team. These are just some of the names coach Grimau has at his disposal: Tomas SatoranskiAlex you openJabari ParkerNicolas Laprovittola, Willi Hernangomez, Hands JakubaitisJan vesely.

8.16pm The news broke a few minutes ago that Alessandro Payola he won’t be in the game. The Ancona native is one of the most important pieces on Luca Banchi’s defensive board.

8.14pm Super start of the competition for coach Luca Banchi’s boys. They are in third place, tied with Monaco.

8.10pm Here we go! In about 20 minutes we will start at PalaDozza with one of the most interesting matches, probably the most captivating, of this round of the Euroleague!

Friends of OA Sport who are passionate about Euroleague basketball, here we are! On day number 12 of the top European basketball championship they face each other The power of Bologna and Barcelona, ​​and we will tell you about every possession in Live broadcast.

Bologna on fire in Euroleague in this first “quarter” of the competition, at this moment not only would Luca Banchi’s team be qualified, but they would even be seeded in the playoffs. In this 2023-24 edition, with the exception of Real Madrid, there seems to be a great balance between the 30 teams involved. However, Virtus will need a high-level performance to compete for the final success against what, at the moment, seems to be the second force of the tournament.

The Catalans’ “endless” rooster includes former NBA player Tomas Satoranski, Czech, who for years played for the Washington Wizards but not only. The concept of team play goes very well with coach Grimau’s team, which however also has top-level individuals, starting with Alex you openJabari ParkerWilli HernangomezDario Brizuela and really many others. Shengelia and his teammates will therefore have to achieve a real feat against a Barcelona side with 9 wins and 2 defeats so far.

Virtus Bologna will try to conquer with the help of your Unipol Arena victory number 8 in the Euroleague and to consolidate 3rd place starting from 8.30pm. Have fun with the Live broadcast of the dispute!

Photo: S. Ponticelli/Ciamillo-Castoria

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