LeBron James Working Behind the Scenes to Potentially Own Las Vegas NBA Franchise: Biggest Competitor Out of the Game

LeBron James is probably already working behind the scenes to become the owner of a possible franchise in Las Vegas in the future. At least James’ biggest competitor is already out of the game.

As Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) reports, owning a franchise isn’t just a pipe dream for LeBron James. “He’s very active behind the scenes and regularly takes part in meetings with a group to figure out what a franchise might look like,” Wojnarowski said on NBA Countdown before the in-season tournament finale between the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers.

“It’s about how such an organization should be run and of course how it should be financed. It will be an expensive thing to really get an expansion team started.” James has often spoken in the past about how he would like to own a team after his playing career, and the name Las Vegas was also mentioned more often. “Hopefully I can have a franchise here one day. That’s the ultimate goal,” said

A possible competitor for James and his possible ownership group is at least off the table now that the Adelson family is joining the Dallas Mavericks. According to Woj, the Las Vegas-based Adelsons would otherwise have been real competition for James.


NBA: Commissioner jokes with LeBron about Las Vegas franchise

It is probably only a matter of time that Las Vegas will soon join as an expansion team. According to Wojnarowski, this will become an issue when the new TV contract for the NBA is sealed. The old deal expires after the 2024/25 season, after which Seattle and Las Vegas are the hottest candidates if the league is to expand to 32 teams.

When LeBron received his In-Season Tournament MVP award after the Finals, Commissioner Adam Silver also teased: “I give the trophy to a man who has won everything in the NBA. But I have to say that there is no franchise for this. LeBron James, the MVP.”

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