LeBron James’ Dominance and Motivation in Pursuit of NBA History

By Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

LeBron James wants to win the first In-Season Tournament in NBA history, and he showed it this Tuesday by being excellent against the Suns. After the match, his coach paid him a compliment in the form of a tackle on Nikola Jokic.

As strange as it may seem, since they are among the most famous and popular athletes on the planet, observers and fans sometimes forget that NBA players remain great competitors. While some openly admit they would rather sign a max contract than win a title, the goal for almost everyone is still to do both.

So even if he has won everything in his career, even if he is already a billionaire, LeBron James seems particularly involved in the In-Season Tournament. He has the opportunity to win a title that Michael Jordan will never have and that’s motivation enough. After his performance of 31 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds, his coach Darvin Ham gave him a huge compliment:

LeBron best quarterback in the NBA ahead of Jokic?

Darvin Ham on LeBron James, who scored or assisted on the Lakers’ first 19 points in the final quarter: “No disrespect to anyone, but LeBron is the best quarterback in the NBA. »

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At almost 39 years old, LeBron James remains an exceptional player capable of making the decision for his team. He proved it this Tuesday by being involved in his team’s first 19 points in the last quarter and by asking a controversial but saving time-out a few seconds from the end. For Darvin Ham, it’s enough to make him the best quarterback in the NBA, in other words the best manager.

But behind this beautiful compliment to his superstar, it is difficult not to see a tackle for double MVP Nikola Jokic. Indeed, the Serbian has been compared to a US football player for several years now, thanks in particular to his ability to find his partners with great ease… We will undoubtedly have to settle that on the grass…

LeBron James is still going strong despite his age, and when he decides to put himself in a game, his influence has no real comparison in the league. This is also what emerges from the words of Darvin Ham

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