Lazio a full-back on the way? Valeri on pole

Given the limited use of Pellegrini, the physical problems of Hysaj, a Lazzari who lives with ups and downs and a Marusic who is increasingly attracted to Arab mermaids, Lazio could, already in the next few weeks, dive into the market to buy a full-back. A name has been on the Biancoceleste club’s notebook for a very long time now and the negotiation seems to have finally and definitively been unblocked. The reference is, as many will have understood, to Emanuele Valeri.

Valeri to Lazio: 60%

As told and revealed by The Corriere dello Sport, the player will not renew with Cremonese, where he is now a sort of separated in case, and therefore he can be purchased on a free transfer from next June. Given his Lazio faith, the Capitoline club could undoubtedly be the first choice. And this is precisely why, in recent days, there would have been a meeting between Valeri’s agents and the sporting director Fabiani. News could arrive as early as the next few weeks.

Dorgu to Lazio: 30%

The Biancoceleste club, however, would still be looking around and therefore evaluating profiles that are particularly showing off in this Serie A. A lead could thus lead to Patrick Dorgu, who is undoubtedly doing very well with the Lecce shirt. The problem, however, would be the competition, given that clubs of the caliber of Liverpool and Atletico Madrid would have already made moves on the 2004 class. And the price could exceed 20 million euros.

Mario Rui to Lazio: 10%

A last minute and emergency alternative could be to a true protégé of Maurizio Sarri, who in the past has already been compared to the Capitolines. In short, Mario Rui’s name could come back into vogue next summer, especially if his farewell to Napoli becomes a certainty. Much will depend on what happens in these months and also on his recovery from the recent injury.

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