Karine Molinari Opens Up About Her Career as an Agent and the Painful Break with David Goffin: A Tennis Legend Podcast Interview

Karine Molinari was the guest of the always very successful podcast from our friends at Tennis Legend. She talks about her long career as an agent with some juicy anecdotes. We invite you to really watch his interview.

She returns in particular to a real painful moment for her, the “break” of contract with David Goffin.

« The ending with David was dark. I stopped at the same time as his coach Thomas Johansson. We weren’t able to talk too much. It was a little tense in his close circle. I still had to say something, I probably would have been better off keeping my mouth shut, I don’t know. It’s the story of my life but hey it is what it is, at least people know what I think. But I have no regrets because if I had been in his place, I would have liked to have been told things. In fact David, I have a lot of tenderness for him, so the end was above all a sadness not to see him perform at his level. I find that the end of his career was a bit dark, a bit sad and what I think is that it could have been different if he had made different choices. I think he should have worked with a mental trainer”

2023-12-05 09:50:00
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