Judo Students and Professor Jorge Ovando Lead Recycling Project at CEF No. 7: A Look into the Future

On Monday, they delivered recycling containers to CEF No. 7, where they were received by Professor Jorge Ovando and the judo students, who are carrying out a recycling project in conjunction with the environmental office.

The representative of the environmental office and promoter of the project, Graciela commented: “Jorge has been working for a while on differentiated collection with his students and recently they carried out a recycling project, that is why we delivered the bins to give him, for all the work he did throughout the year. From his work, Jorge collected a lot of recyclable material, so we are very happy.”


The director of the Environment Office, Viviana Ponce de León, expressed: “We accompany, this is an initiative that was carried out here in Professor Obando’s gym, that is, it is our multiplying agent because through it, we reach many homes where he works with his students, because not only are bottles collected, but also batteries in the drums.”

He then explained the importance of recycling this material. “When we throw the battery in the trash we cause great damage to the environment. For us it is a pride to be able to accompany him in this project because it is our future, the boys are the future and I believe that wherever they go they have already incorporated the culture of taking care of our environment so we are more than grateful.”

Likewise, he thanked the Cresud company, which is the one that provided the donation so that they can reach each institution that works with the management.


For his part, Professor Jorge Ovando stated. “Last year, Graciela and I had delivered some bottles, we made an exchange, she gave us because we delivered bottles and they delivered tree seedlings and more or less 70 trees were given to each boy with the diploma for the end of the year.” .

2023-12-07 04:43:12
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