Judo Club Holzwickede Fathers Shine at 1st Westerkappelner Beginners Kyu Cup

Judo: In an exciting day of competition at the 1st Westerkappelner Beginners Kyu Cup, judoka fathers Mario Grbesa and Stéphane Graff from the Judo Club Holzwickede showed that passion and commitment in judo is not a question of age. In the age group over 35, group A (yellow to orange belt), both competed in the weight class up to 103.8 kg and fought impressive duels on the mats.

The tournament, which was open to judoka from North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, was a platform for beginners and those returning to the sport to demonstrate their skills. With the support of the club and the parent group to which the two fathers belong, the Judo Club Holzwickede was able to send a strong signal.

In the triple sports hall in Westerkappeln, Grbesa and Graff fought with great determination and technical skill and were able to fight their way to the final. There they faced each other and offered the spectators a high-class finale. With a narrow victory, Mario Grbesa was finally able to secure the gold medal. But it was also a day of success for Stéphane Graff, as second place was a deserved result of hard work and dedication.

First place in the club rankings

The day was crowned with another highlight for the Judo Club Holzwickede: first place in the club rankings in Group A for the age group over 35. This success not only reflects the skills of the individual fighters, but also the community spirit and support that is very important in the club. “We are incredibly proud of Mario and Stéphane,” said Dirk Jacobi, coach of the parent group. “Their commitment and performance are an inspiration for all members of our club and show that judo can be an enrichment for every age group.”

The Judo Club Holzwickede celebrates this success and looks to the future with motivation to continue to offer all members a platform for sporting growth and personal success.

Image line: At the 1st Westerkappelner Beginners Kyu Cup, the judoka fathers Mario Grbesa and Stéphane Graff from the Judo Club Holzwickede faced each other in the final.

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