Jonathan Lardot Set to Referee Anderlecht-Standard Match After Cup Clash

If Bram Van Driessche will lead the Clasico in the Cup on Thursday, it is once again Jonathan Lardot who will be the referee for Anderlecht-Standard in the championship this Sunday. Three days after the eighth of the Croky Cup and only a month and a half after the match at Sclessin in the Pro League (3-2).

A surprise because it doesn’t often happen that the same man whistles these two big matches in the same season. And also because the Anderlecht residents did not appreciate the refereeing at Sclessin at all. Even if they were more angry about VAR than about Lardot.

Jonathan Lardot referee of the year: “Sometimes, I call a player “mon loulou” to calm him down”

The next day, Lardot also admitted that a penalty should have been awarded to Kasper Dolberg at the end of the match but that it had not been called by the video. He himself explained it to Brian Riemer at the end of the match. In the VAR on Sunday, we will find the Belgian number one, Lawrence Visser (who is injured and cannot whistle on the pitch). During the Clasico in Sclessin, the video referee who irritated the Mauves was… Van Driessche, the one who will direct the Cup match this Thursday.

2023-12-04 21:02:00
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