João Félix Responds to Criticism from Antoine Griezmann Ahead of Barça-Atlético Match

Joâo Félix has heard too many times that his failure at Atlético de Madrid was his fault. And maybe he’s a little tired of being reminded of it every now and then. He knew perfectly well that with a Barça-Atlético match just around the corner (they face each other this Sunday in Montjuïc) his name would once again be on everyone’s lips.

And so it has been. One of those who has spoken about his red-and-white past is Antoine Griezmann, with whom he coincided. The French forward made his particular analysis of why Joâo Félix did not succeed as a ‘colchonero’. “In the end when you get here you know more or less what the coach is like, what the team is like, you adapt and work for it or things don’t work out for you. “Joao had moments when he did very well, when he worked very well, but you have to be constant and there came a time when he got tired, he couldn’t see himself here anymore and that’s why he and the club also made the effort to give him a way out,” he stated. in an interview with Movistar. (Images from ‘Movistar Plus+’ with link to

Joâo Félix did not want to remain silent and, also at Movistar, he responded to Griezmann and defended himself. In the advance of the interview, the Barça player does not seem to want to argue too much. “I don’t agree, he has his opinion and I’m not going to comment on it. There are things he could have done better, me and everyone else. There are things that have not gone well but it is not just the fault of one, but of several,” he highlights.

Joaô Félix had a very good second half against Porto and his goal meant the victory and Barça’s mathematical classification for the round of 16 of the Champions League. The Portuguese wants to once again have a convincing performance against Atlético and show ‘Cholo’ Simeone that he was wrong about him. Although he has recognized that if he could not succeed, more than one person must be found responsible.

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