Jessica Pegula’s Impressive 2023 Season Recognized by Forbes Magazine

Jessica Pegula played a very good 2023 season. And was recognized for it by Forbes magazine a few days ago.


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Jessica Pegula with the finalist trophy at the WTA Finals in Cancun

Not every award can go to Coco Gauff. Because if Forbes Magazine published its annual “30 under 30” list, in which 30 personalities from politics, culture, sports and business are honored, had actually taken a closer look at tennis, then Gauff would be the one with her Triumph at the US Open applied to a major for the first time, couldn’t get around it.

But good: Jessica Pegula also achieved personal milestones this season, such as winning the WTA Tour 1000 tournament in Montreal and later also in Seoul, which was a personal concern for her: Pegula’s mother has South Korean roots. And you shouldn’t forget: Jessica Pegula is now 29 years old, next year she would no longer qualify for “30 under 30”.

Pegula always believed in herself – and also not

By the way, anyone who has attended press conferences with Pegula knows that there is a woman sitting there who is completely at peace with herself, who argues calmly and doesn’t avoid any questions. And of course this is also influenced by the fact that her father is the owner of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres. Jessica Pegula doesn’t play tennis because of the prize money.

There were still doubts. And injuries. “I always thought I would make it,” Pegula explained in an interview with Forbes. “But at the same time, after putting in so much work and having to wait four years, I don’t know if I really believed in it. Actually already. But again not. It was just a very long journey.”

Jessica Pegula sees her mission as more than just on the tennis court. “I hope I leave something behind. Not just with my results. Whether it’s helping achieve equal pay for women or just helping more kids pick up bats, I think any of those things would be great. And I want to give back to this sport as much as possible.”

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