Jerome Boateng Discusses Future Plans and Fitness

Jerome Boateng has been looking for a club since his contract with Olympique Lyon ended in the summer, but a return to FC Bayern fell through at the beginning of October. In the interview, the 35-year-old explains his plans.

Keeps himself fit in Munich: Jerome Boateng. IMAGO/Sven Simon

How are you currently keeping fit, Mr. Boateng?

I train with FC Bayern’s U23 team in Munich, and most recently with the professionals again. I work with my private trainer for this purpose. I’m at a very good level of fitness, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to impress in training with Bayern, which Thomas Tuchel has confirmed.

A return to FC Bayern was briefly discussed, but this did not materialize. Do you hold grudges?

On the contrary. I’m grateful that I was able to train and prove myself. Maybe that will pay off for me in the future. But I can say that I would have liked to have done it.

What sporting plans do you have?

I see myself going abroad in the future after things didn’t work out with FC Bayern, preferably from the second half of the season onwards. Italy, Spain, I’m open to a lot of things. During the training games at FC Bayern I noticed that I could still keep up with the level, wanted to play and get into the rhythm. Then I can help many more teams and am motivated to continue to expand my trophy collection. That was always my goal, to win titles at every club.

Mr. Wück, how do you want to become world champion?

9 hours 12:24 minutes ago

Is the USA an issue?

I wouldn’t be averse if something came up, I’ve always said that. On the other hand, this step doesn’t have to happen now if I can still keep up in Europe’s top leagues.

Are you difficult to place in Germany because of your court cases and private headlines?

All I can say is that the presumption of innocence in this country also applies to me.

How much longer do you want to play?

I’m at a high level mentally and physically, two, three or four years if possible. As long as I don’t have to drag myself around the place or be in pain. We have to see what level that is at. If it doesn’t work anymore, I have to and will be honest.

They are and have been close to the Bayern team for weeks. What do you think of Tuchel’s team?

The championship is always a must at Bayern and must be the goal with this team, even if Xabi Alonso does it outstandingly with Leverkusen. However, Bayern are doing too poorly in the media in comparison, their record speaks for them – with the exception of the elimination from the DFB Cup.

And in the Champions League?

The group phase was good, not outstanding, but above all not a yardstick. Things get exciting from the round of 16 onwards. Manchester City is probably a little above everyone else, then comes Real Madrid, FC Bayern and perhaps Arsenal FC.

It’s not always just about the defense.

Jerome Boateng about the DFB team

In 2014, they formed a world-class duo in central defense with Mats Hummels when they won the World Cup. Why is there a lack of elite at this position now?

With Antonio Rüdiger we have a regular player at Real Madrid, Jona Tah has played a big part in Leverkusen being at the top of the league. And Mats Hummels was named Man of the Match in Dortmund’s win in Milan this week. I think the team as a whole can and must manage the turnaround with Julian Nagelsmann, it’s not always just the defense. In general, it should be an honor to play for your country. This includes commitment, mentality and the necessary class. The sporting downturn has lasted far too long, but I believe in a strong European Championship in my own country. The team has so much potential and from March onwards they just have to manage to inspire people and make them want to play international games again. Elements like tackling, fighting and standing up for each other are part of it. The German U17s are currently showing the way at the World Cup.

Interview: Frank Linkesch

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