Japanese humility and Czech cap. America discovers why Ohtani is worth 700 million

When he missed the last time, he just shook his head in disbelief and went to sit down. In March, baseball star Shohei Ohtani was run over by a Czech electrician, and now the twenty-nine-year-old Japanese man has become a sports megastar with the most lucrative contract in the world. The record ten-year contract for 700 million dollars also advertises Czech baseball.

What about the fact that the Czechs ended up losing the prestigious March match against the Japanese at home as part of the World Baseball Classic 2:10. What’s important is what happened next. They received words of appreciation from their opponents, including probably the best player on the planet, Ohtani.

He requested a jersey from the Czech representatives with the signatures of all the players and added a photo on Instagram with the message “respect”. He was so charmed by the outsider’s performance that he even managed to drive him out. The Czechs gave him a team cap with a flag as a reward for his friendly behavior.

And it was she who flew around the world. Ohtani performed with her at the airport in Miami before the final games of the World Baseball Classic, which the Japanese eventually won. The video then circulated on the Internet as proof of the respect the baseball superstar has for the sport’s dwarf.

The video has seen a renaissance in recent days as the entire sports world talks about Ohtani’s new contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to many fans, the Czech cap illustrates what kind of personality and baseball ambassador he is.

“He has the character of a Marvel superhero, but the joy of playing like a small child,” the prestigious American weekly Time wrote about him, for example.

Ohtani truly loves baseball, and with all humility. Mom played badminton competitively, dad picked up a bat only recreationally, he supported the family from his salary at the car factory. Their son had been staring at the white ball during the second grade of elementary school and he couldn’t let it go. Now he can pitch as phenomenally as he can bat.

His ruthlessness remained. “He is incredibly methodical. I laugh at him when I see how he has everything precisely calculated, programmed, from when to where he will be. He is a humble, intelligent guy with a great work ethic,” Los Angeles Angels general manager Perry Minasian described his Japanese complexion.

When his contract with the Angels expired this year after five years and he spent a long time negotiating a new contract, he apologized to fans on social media. After all, he chose the jersey of the city rival.

“I’m sorry it took so long. The six years I spent with the Angels will be etched in my heart forever. I promise Dodgers fans that I will always do what’s best for the team and always give my best, to be the best version of myself,” he wrote.

The American media was charmed by the information that Ohtani himself met the club with the terms of the contract. As much as it is a record, the Japanese all-rounder himself offered to receive only two million dollars out of the 70 million a year before taxes so that his salary would not disrupt the club’s financial budget and the Dodgers could adequately pay his teammates.

The rest will be paid after the contract expires, when he will be almost 40 years old.

“Of which he will probably have tax benefits, but even so the Dodgers will pay for every dollar they invest in him, they are probably already negotiating multi-year sponsorship deals with Japanese brands,” wrote sports business expert Joe Pompliano on the X network.

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