Japan Hosts IBSA Judo Grand Prix Tournament Tokyo 2023 with Impressive Results

An international judo tournament for the visually impaired is held in Tokyo. Japanese players are active!

The “IBSA Judo Grand Prix Tournament Tokyo 2023” was held on December 4th (Monday) and 5th (Tuesday), with about 200 elite athletes from around the world aiming for Paris at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Among the Japanese athletes, Yujiro Seto in the J2 class – 73kg class won the tournament, and other athletes also won a silver medal and three bronze medals. It was a big step towards Paris.

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〈Japanese players results〉
・J1-48kg class Shizuka Hantani★2nd place
・J2-48kg class Akira Ishii lost in the first match
・J2-48kg class Yui Fujiwara 7th place
・J2-57kg level Hiroko Kudo★3rd place
・J2-57kg class Junko Hirose ★3rd place
・J1-70kg class Minako Tsuchiya 5th place
・J2+70kg class Junmi Nishimura 7th place

・J2-60kg class Tomohiro Kaneda lost in the first match
・J2-60kg class Tetsuya Sakurai lost in the second round
・J2-60kg class Makoto Hirose lost in the first match
・J1-73kg class Yuji Kato ★3rd place
・J2-73kg class Yujiro Seto ★ Winner
・J1-90kg class Tomokazu Matsumoto lost in the first match
・J1-90kg class Yoshikazu Matsumoto lost in the second round

〈Comment from Shinichiro Sato, Chairman of the Strengthening Committee〉
There were many players who performed in unexpected ways. By practicing patterns and strengthening his physical strength as a strategy, he was able to get to the “starting line” of winning the gold medal in Paris at this tournament. It is very important that we were able to hold this tournament in Japan.

The efforts he has made to win a medal at the Paris Games are finally paying off. We are currently in the first stage of creating an environment, so we want to turn this into a confidence heading into Paris. I would like to share information with my coaches, including the practice environment, and make sure to improve towards my goal in the remaining three tournaments.

▼You can watch the press conference the day before and the match on the day on YouTube here.
December 3rd press conference
Conference DAY1, December 4
Conference DAY2, December 5

Additionally, at the Grand Slam Tokyo 2023 (12/3-4 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) on the 3rd, a demonstration of Judo for the visually impaired was held in front of a large audience. There is no major difference between Judo for sighted people and Judo for visually impaired people, other than the fact that they start with each other in pairs, and once they start in pairs, everyone can enjoy Judo together. The Visually Impaired Judo Federation is promoting the spread of “Kumete Judo” with the aim of realizing a cohesive society.
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*The photo on the right shows Mr. Nakayama (center left) and Mr. Inda (center right) looking relieved after successfully completing the demonstration.

〈Conference Summary〉
Tournament name: IBSA Judo Grand Prix Tournament Tokyo 2023
(2023 IBSA Judo Grand Prix – JPN – TOKYO)
Schedule: December 4 (month) and 5 (fire), 2023
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Sponsored by: Japan Visually Impaired Judo Federation
Co-host: Tokyo
Officially recognized by: IBSA International Blind Sports Federation
Participating countries: 43 countries
Number of players: 188


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