Jacksonville Jaguars Employee Accused of Million-Dollar Robbery: The Amit Patel Case

A Jacksonville Jaguars employee, named Amit Patel was accused by the team of committing a million-dollar robbery of more than $22,000,000. that would have been perpetrated by the virtual credit card program that the team offers.

According to a statement posted on The Athletic portal, the Jacksonville Jaguars explained how this situation developed and how their collaboration with the entities involved in the case, such as the FBI and the federal prosecutor’s office for the District of Florida, managed to find the culprit Patel.

“We confirm that in February 2023 the team terminated this individual (Patel). In recent months we have cooperated with the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Florida during their investigation and we thank them for their efforts in the case,” the article read.

According to the investigations of the case Patel was responsible for heading a system of electronic fraud and illegal monetary transactionsfor which he was accused of several charges and hopes that in the coming days a trial will begin for the sentencing of the respective conviction.

Profits from fraud They helped him buy two vehicles, an apartment and a designer watch valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as other things.

As if that were not enough, it was shown that Patel made million-dollar investments in cryptocurrencies, rented private planes for his personal use, and also spent thousands of dollars on online gambling.

“As made clear in the charges, this individual was a former financial planning and analysis manager who took advantage of his position of trust to covertly and intentionally commit significant fraudulent financial activity at the expense of the team for personal gain,” the Jaguars message concluded. .

Although Patel began his work with the Jaguars in 2018, It was not until the beginning of 2023 that he was fired from the team, to begin the investigations into the suspicions they had about him. of fraudulent activities.

As explained by the franchise, outside of these illegal activities, the former manager did not have sports information.

“This individual did not have access to confidential, personal football strategies or other football information. The team retained experienced legal and accounting firms to conduct a comprehensive independent review “which concluded that no other employees were involved or aware of his criminal activity,” the statement concluded.

So far, neither Patel nor his lawyer have issued any statement in this regard, but it is expected that in the coming days they will be contacted by the prosecution to make their first statements to the court.

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