“I’ve always been very scared…”

Little one also reveals Risto Mejide in ‘Travelling with Chester’ How was the creation of your new album and that thanks to his personal evolution he get rid of “shame and fear” it features collaborations from other great artists, such as Pablo López, Alejandro Sanz or Melendi.

Mejide can’t help but ask Malú if all these emotions that he has shared in ‘Travelling with Chester’ are also found in your next album and the artist explains what the creation process has been like: “This album is a compilation, a 25 year old, celebrating those 25 years and looking back. It is a compilation that It has been very nice to do it. Count on my colleagues It has been very nice because I have always been very ashamed and afraid to ask them for the “oh, what if he says no?” But she didn’t care and I didn’t care I called one by one and everyone who picked up the phone said yes.”.

Some of the artists who collaborate on Malú’s new album, titled ‘To everything yes’ and which premieres on December 8, are Pablo López, Melendi, Alejandro Sanz and Pablo Alborán.

Furthermore, the artist shares in ‘Travelling with Chester’ that she has set up a home studyand recreates some of the funniest moments of his daughter when listening to her sing, since he recognizes that the little girl can’t sit still while recording.


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