It is necessary to train work skills that nearshoring demands: ManpowerGroup – El Sol de México

In a much more optimistic expectation of formal job creation, better than in previous years, 700,000 to 750,000 new jobs are expected by 2024, Mexico has to hurry to train the skills that nearshoring investments will create. arrive.

There will be many positions in engineering, such as specialized technicians, and automation topics. “We have to focus both as a country and as individuals on generating knowledge in the young and not so young to fill these vacancies,” said Mónica Flores Barragán, president of ManpowerGroup LATAM.

He said that in order to take advantage of the great opportunity of nearshoring “we have to be attractive in terms of talent and work necessary to optimize the investment that comes to Mexico.”

We must have the talent available, when 75 percent of employers cannot find the talent they require. “It is the highest shortage number in the last 15 years.”

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The new competencies or skills that employers in Mexico require are: collaboration and teamwork, problem solving, responsibility and self-discipline, critical thinking and analysis, as well as resilience and adaptability.

The 5 most difficult profiles to find in Mexico are people who have knowledge of Information Technology and Data Analysis; Sales and Marketing; customer service, operations and logistics; administration and support and office support.

On the modifications to the Federal Labor Law to increase salaries, vacation days, end subcontracting and now reduce the working day from 48 to 40 hours, pending approval in the Chamber of Deputies until March 2024, and its impact in companies and workers, Mónica Flores, told El Sol de México:

“We talked about how Mexico was the country in Latin America that had the fewest vacations. It seems to me that the modification had to be made out of justice: 6 days were not enough for the worker to rest.”

“The increase was to the minimum wage and was also fair so that the purchasing power that had been lost over time could be recovered. It had to happen. The restriction on outsourcing was to put an end to bad practices and put into practice other types of profiles.”

“And the reduction in working hours has not yet been implemented, it is up for discussion until next year until it is approved. I think that the impact it will have on companies, especially SMEs, has to be well measured and that it does not cause them to go into informality.”

However, he stated that “anything we say at this time is speculation. In any case, its application would have to be gradual as has been done in other countries.”

For his part, Alberto Alesi, general director of ManpowerGroup for Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, said that in conversations with leaders of the private initiative, they consider that “we were already behind historically and those modifications would have to be made that go hand in hand to normalize the issue of well-being of employees in their organizations and this has to translate into greater productivity. “It is the cornerstone, when we begin with all these federal initiatives to modify working conditions.”

They have to do with how to make our workers more competitive, to be able to continue on the global stage.

Alberto Alesi, general director of ManpowerGroup for Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America

Likewise, he stated: “Today we are in a golden moment with all that foreign investment, but if at the end of the day we do not improve productivity indices, they can go to other countries. So, the issue of training is very important.”

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Finally, regarding the formal employment growth forecast for the end of 2024, Alberto Alesi said that for the Bank of Mexico it is between 570 thousand and 770 thousand new jobs and for ManpowerGroup it is 700 thousand to 750 thousand.

These are the results of your Employment Expectations Survey for the 4th quarter of 2024 that you obtained from more than a thousand Mexican employers.

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