Insights from the Post-Game Press Conferences: Shanahan and Sirianni

I have always found it fascinating to review the post-game press conferences that the head coaches are involved in. Especially when we come from a game with the competitive tension of the 49ers-Eagles of the weekend and when it involves two protagonists of the caliber of Kyle Shanahan and Nick Sirianni.

In my service record as a journalist I have had the privilege of exchanging reflections with both of them and I can confirm that they are two coaches who, without being the height of pedagogy, usually leave very interesting content for analysis; not only in tactical aspects, but also about what it means to compete, prepare for games and manage talent in a league like the NFL.

Reviewing Shanahan’s tape after his team’s dominant display against the Eagles in a venue as hostile—perhaps the most hostile in the NFL—as Lincoln Financial Field, a good portion of the questions revolved around how the offense executed so well. good after two disastrous drives during the first quarter. Among the things he said, there was something that caught my attention. Contrary to what has been reviewed in some analysis sites, Shanahan explained that his team did not do anything particularly different on offense starting in the second quarter, but simply executed better. In that sense, he praised the defense’s work in keeping them only 6 points away, which allowed the offense to remain patient and stick to the plan they had designed. A plan, by the way, that had to do with involving its countless playmakers in favorable situations.

In fact, when questioned about whether Brock Purdy had approached the game as emotional revenge after the injury he suffered in the conference finals on that same field, Shanahan explained that what he liked most about his quarterback was that he always played the right way. way in which the scenario called for it and that, being down and in a panic situation, he never tried to do more than the system demanded of him and sought to compensate with individual efforts what the Eagles defense was denying him.

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