INEFI Inspires Students Through Sports Clinics and Exhibitions in Schools


The Crier, Santo Domingo. –“With the clinics and exhibitions that we hold in schools, we seek to awaken students’ interest in sports practices,” said this Wednesday the deputy director general of the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI), Franklin Duval, in the Republic of Haiti Primary School, in this capital.

At the event in which props were handed out and two talks on chess, badminton and taekwondo were given, Duval introduced several high-performance athletes and immortals of the sport, in charge of training and guiding students in the country’s educational centers.

“Those athletes were students yesterday; Now they are instructors and coaches dedicated to the preparation and training of all of you,” this is how Duval expressed himself, in the activity in which he was surrounded by outstanding athletes.

In another order, Duval highlighted that the equipment supplied is “for the best development of the physical and recreational activities of the students” of that educational center.

He took advantage of the occasion to urge physical education teachers and their students to take advantage of the props that consist of basketball balls, meshes, among other supplies.

“We also hope that you take care of the sports equipment that the INEFI has given you, since with these you will be able to carry out your practices without any inconvenience,” Duval recommended.

In that sense, the school director, Dulce Alfonsina Delgado, thanked the contribution and presence of the INEFI executives, who she stated have been working tirelessly in favor of sports and recreation in all schools in the country.

The sports exhibitions were led by Braulio Ramírez, international chess instructor, and Nelson Ozuna, former badminton athlete.

Also at the event were the school coordinator, Leónidas García; the deputy director, Soraya Cabral, and the physical education teacher, Adriano Gil Moreta.

The students Ashley Núñez and Xamara Crismel Medina made the invocation to God and thanked the INEFI for its contribution, respectively.

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