Illegal Driving and Possession: Jesi Man Caught with Revoked License and Baseball Bat

JESI – He was caught by a local police patrol driving with a revoked license and with a baseball bat: the vehicle and blunt object were subjected to administrative seizure, the other to criminal seizure, and the driver reported to the prosecutor’s office .

The incident occurred in the Porta Valle area where Local Police officers, as part of their territorial control services, ordered a Lancia Y to stop, driven by a person known to the Command because he had already been sanctioned for having been found driving without a license and reported for resisting a public official, with an oral warning from the Police Commissioner.

At the check, the man – a 54-year-old from Jesi – showed signs of nervousness such as to determine the opportunity to proceed with an in-depth check of the vehicle. As a result, a 74 centimeter baseball bat was identified, in its immediate availability.

The bat was criminally confiscated and the man was referred to the judicial authorities, not only for illegal possession of objects capable of offending, but also for being subjected to a personal prevention measure while driving a vehicle with a revoked license. The small car was also seized for confiscation purposes.


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2023-12-08 12:36:49
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