Ibon Navarro: “The first objective of the season has been achieved”

Ibon Navarro completed one hundred games on the Malaga bench with the double prize of the victory against the Hungarian Falco and the mathematical pass for the next phase of this BCL. “Congratulations to the team. The match was very important, we knew the result of Le Mans and that if we won we would secure first place. The team has done a good job in some keys that the rival has: controlling their rebound in attack, losses and limiting We played one-on-one to the maximum. We limited their three-point shooting. We left them at 13-14 points in the first quarters. Happy with the victory. “The first objective of the season has been achieved, which was to finish first in this first continental phase.”

BCL 2023 – 2024 I Unicaja – Falco Vulcano Szombathely BCL

Satisfied with Mario Saint-Supéry

Regarding Mario Saint-Supéry, Navarro was satisfied with the youth team’s work. “The most important thing is that he has not made bad decisions in attack. With him we have achieved the second plus/minus of the team (21). He has defended Antonio Jordano well, who is a great player, and also Zoltan Perl, who is not easy. And in front he has not dared to do more things, but he has been effective in everything he has done. He has rebounded, he has been solid.

The Carpena had a great atmosphere. Ibon Navarro also appreciated it: “I suppose it will help to make it a bridge, that people have a place to go because of the rain. But even if it is a bridge, let it be against a team that the less gourmet public does not know, seeing Carpena That’s fantastic.”

BCL 2023 – 2024 I Unicaja – Falco Vulcano Szombathely BCL

Centennial on the bench

Regarding his centenary status on the bench, the Basque coach noted: “I hope that when I turn 200 we will be where we are now and that I can be asked about 300 or 400. In this business it is difficult to know because this can change very quickly. Tomorrow there may be another pandemic, there are not so many games… That we can be like now: with Carpena like this, health, that we can be the same; stay as I am now.”

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